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Milliken Hyperform® HPN Nucleating agents are the best solution for polyethylene formulators, processors and end-users to meet the increasing pressure and optimize productivity, reduce overall processing cost and improve Polyethyene performance.

Use Nucleating agents to improve Polyethylene performance and optimize processing

Why use Hyperform® Nucleating agents?
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Are you willing to meet the increasing pressure while optimizing productivity, reducing overall processing cost & improving Polyethylene performance? Hyperform® HPN Nucleating agents are the innovative solution for polyethylene formulators, processors and end-users who want to upgrade Polyethylene.

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What can Hyperform® Nucleating agents bring to PE formulations?
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Hyperform® HPN Nucleating agents provide many improvements to Polyethylene such as:
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Better optics
  • Cost reduction
Key benefits

What is the latest innovation for Polyethylene Nucleation?
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Learn more about Hyperform® HPN 210 M, a brand new nucleating agent for injection molded Polyethylene.
Hyperform 210 M

And where can Nucleating agents be used?
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By the way, how do Nucleating agents work?
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Improve your technical knowledge about the Nucleation Process!
Nucleation process


Case Studies from PE Nucleation

New Downgauging Opportunities in HDPE Blown Film with Hyperform® HPN 20E Nucleation technology

Hyperform® HPN 20E enables film thickness reductions when using PE and to generate material cost savings.


Enhance HDPE Blow Molded Bottle Productivity and Quality

The addition of Hyperform® HPN-20E nucleating agent into your high density polyethylene-based resin increases crystallization rates and unique orientation effects, thus helping to reduce bottle panel warpage and maintain bottle dimensions even at elevated production rates.


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