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Celanese Increases Fortron® PPS Production at Wilmington, NC

Published on 2010-08-16. Author : SpecialChem

DALLAS -- Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company, announced that one of its strategic affiliates, Fortron Industries LLC, will increase production at its Wilmington, NC, plant to meet an increased global demand for Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).

PPS plant in Wilmington, NC
The Fortron® linear polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) plant in Wilmington, NC has a 15,000MT annual capacity

The Fortron Industries plant in Wilmington a linear PPS operation with a 15,000 metric ton annual capacity. Fortron's operation in Wilmington is a joint venture of Kureha Corporation and Ticona Engineering Polymers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Celanese.

There is a growing worldwide demand for Fortron PPS, a high-performance polymer used in demanding industrial applications. This specialty material offers excellent chemical and thermal resistance, high hardness, rigidity and dimensional stability, and low creep and moisture absorption. Fortron PPS is often used instead of metals and thermosets in such applications such as auto pumps, valves, air ducts and powertrains; electronic connectors, plugs, switches and circuit boards; structural and non-structural aircraft components; and heater grilles, impellers, conveyors, power tools, microwave elements and other industrial uses.

"Fortron is ramping up production and adding new staff at our Wilmington plant to meet the anticipated demand of our global customers by the end of the third quarter," said Roeland Polet, GM, Ticona Engineering Polymers. "We believe Fortron has the leading technology used in the production of linear polymer applications, and this technology advantage can provide customers with a competitive position when manufacturing new applications or redesigning existing components."

Fortron Industries uses PPS production technology that incorporates Kureha's advanced environment-friendly 'one unit' process as well as Celanese's sales, marketing, distribution, compounding and polymer manufacturing expertise.

About Kureha Corporation

Kureha Corporation is a manufacturer of chemical products listed on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock exchanges. It manufactures chemicals and plastics in Japan, China, The Netherlands, and through the Fortron Industries joint venture in the United States. Established in 1944, it now employs about 4,101 people and had sales of 1,346 billion yen in fiscal 2009.

About Ticona

Ticona, the engineering polymers business of Celanese Corporation, produces and markets a range of high-performance products, and posted net sales of $808 million in fiscal 2009. Ticona employs more than 1,450 individuals at production, compounding and research facilities in the USA, Germany, Brazil and China.

About Celanese Corporation

Celanese Corporation produces specialty materials and chemical products which are used in industries and consumer applications, and are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company employs approximately 7,400 employees worldwide and had 2009 net sales of $5.1 billion, with approximately 73% generated outside of North America.

Source: Celanese Corporation

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