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Tamarisk Launches 100% Biodegradable 100/30 ana-Plasticizer

Published on 2012-07-30. Author : SpecialChem

For years, the plastics industry has sought the ever-elusive development of truly biodegradable plastic matrixes with very limited success. Although, corn and potato starch formulations offered new possibilities, many soon realized it was not quite the solution the industry had been searching for. Not only did they discover the expense of starch processing to be far too excessive in comparison to traditional plastic for making such technologies common practice, but also the plastic matrixes derived did not actually meet the standards of "true" biodegradability. Plastic ware, for example, made from cornstarch takes more than 5 years to biodegrade once buried in soil, and furthermore, the matrix does not degrade 100%.

Soon, the industry turned to cellulose slurries in hopes of resolving a biodegradable plastic. Again, as with the starch technologies, all attempts failed to provide a plastic of desired properties. The next idea involved the development of enzyme technologies, which could be fused within starch and/or cellulose plastics to assist in biodegradation upon contact with soil. Unfortunately, this too has fallen short and failed to provide a plastic of desired attributes, properties, and biodegradability essential to revolutionize the industry standards. Due to current limitations and the many failed attempts in approach, much of the industry has adapted a false concept of the term biodegradable, which leaves much to be desired. As a result, many now believe it is impossible to develop plastic possessing such necessary traits while also capable of immediate biodegradation upon burial. Although a number of companies with good intentions are committed to the "Go Green" concept and have started taking steps to make moderate improvements, most do not even consider the possibility of 100% degradability, much less within 30 days of soil submersion. However, the latter is the true definition of biodegradability.

At Tamarisk, the company has chosen to take a step beyond the restrictions of current philosophies and the confinements of industrial tradition to achieve what many thought impossible. Tamarisk Technologies is proud to announce the release of the 100/30 ana-Plasticizer, the first envirofriendly "functional" plastic matrix, biodegrading 100% within 30 days of submersion within soil.

Benefits of 100/30 ana-Plasticizer

  • Tensile Strength 3040psi (1mm Thin Film)
  • Elongation 33%
  • Water Uptake <1.0%
  • Biodegradability 100% within 8 weeks
  • Melting Point 120 °C
  • Manufacturing Rm Temp. or below available
  • Injection Molding 1 step Rm Temp.
  • Cure Time <30 Sec. @ Rm Temp. or below
  • Pleomorphic formulation Able to absorb>20 tons force through reversible shape-shifting. Returns to original shape within 72hrs.
  • Shelf Stability Real time 5 years ongoing
  • Aerobics 100% resistant to aerobic microbes
  • Anaerobes Susceptible within soil
  • Promotes Soil Health 100% used as nutrient by microflora
  • All-in-One Same backbone may be processed into rigid plastic, plastic films, wraps, flexible plastics, any number of other forms.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Green Processing formulations Available
  • Utility Bags, wraps, bottles, cups, plates...others
  • 100% Natural Sol-Gelled Natural Biopolymer
  • Non-Toxic Listed as GRAS with FDA and edible

The Tamarisk 100/30 ana-Plasticizer is a unique biopolymer which comes 5 years in development and is now ready for licensing within most industries. The matrix is 100% biodegradable within 30 days of burial within soil while remaining 100% resistant to aerobic stresses. This technology platform by Tamarisk Technologies is now available for immediate license.

About Tamarisk

Tamarisk Technologies is a scientific research and development company with corporate offices based in Las Vegas, NV. Tamarisk is engaged in the invention of all-natural therapeutic agents, drug delivery transport vehicles, "green chemistry" for production of innovative products and manufacturing processes, and the provision of high-value technologies unavailable through traditional scientific philosophy.

Source: Tamarisk

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