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Brown 10P857

Zinc Iron Chromite Brown Spinel. It is a light brown powder produced by high temperature calcination. Has good UV, visible opacity, is chemically inert, heat resistant, and stable to ultraviolet light...
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Brown 10P857

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Product Type
Chemical Composition
Zinc Iron Chromite Brown Spinel
CAS Number
Physical Form
Product Status
Brown 10P857 Properties
 Specific Gravity, SCTM 312
 Loose Packing Density, SCTM 194
 Surface Area (BET), SCTM 153
 Percent Moisture, SCTM 248
 Mean Particle Size, SCTM 183
 Conductivity, SCTM 142
 Oil Absorption, SCTM134
 parts oil/100 parts pigment
 pH, SCTM 101
Color Information
 Color Index
 Chemical Class
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