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Improve the Dimensional Stability and the Scratch Resistance of PA & PP thanks to Glass Beads reinforcement

This is a Past Webinar

Through a wide set of comparative data, case studies and photos, Frédéric Juprelle will introduce the benefits of using solid glass beads in polyamide and polypropylene resins. The webinar will show you how to solve dimensional stability or scratch/abrasion resistance issues, more particularly for those facing issues due to glass fiber reinforcement.

Frédérique Juprelle Presented By:
Frédéric Juprelle

Length: 30 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Find solutions to solve your dimensional stability or scratch resistance issues.

Learn more about the latest grade of glass bead developed for PP.

See the benefits of using glass bead/glass fiber blends through case studies.

Who should view this webinar?

All the companies who are using compounds or compounding made from:

- Polyamide, Polypropylene, PBT

- Glass fibers, talc or mineral fillers

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Frédéric Juprelle Business Unit Manager - Sovitec

Frédérique Juprelle

With over 13 years experience in glass bead reinforcement technology, Frédéric Juprelle has served in various positions within Sovitec including product development, engineering and sales. In his current role as business unit manager, Frédéric works closely with customers to solve their technical challenges. In his previous career at Cabot Plastics for six years, Frédéric worked in masterbatch and compound product development and provided technical support  to compounders.

He holds a Chemical Engineer degree from the Université du Travail (Charleroi, Belgium - 1993).

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