Lonza antimicrobials are used to increase the useful life of plastic parts and have been proven effective against micro-organisms in a variety of applications at cost-effective use levels.

Optimize the protection of plastic parts with Lonza antimicrobials

Discover how Lonza antimicrobials are effective solutions to provide long-lasting protection to plastics and comply with regulations. In addition, they are easy-to-handle and easy-to-formulate additives.

Durable Preservation

Many plastic materials containing standard biocides (DCOIT, OIT) are extremely sensitive to UV exposure with a tendency to show yellowness, crack and lose their properties, directly impacting the useful life of the final product (i.e. PVC).

Vanquish® 100 antimicrobial and Zinc Omadine® antimicrobial solutions are designed to provide long-lasting protection under UV exposure and Soil Burial conditions.

Optimized protection under UV exposure with Lonza antimicrobials:

Under UV exposure, a loss of the preservative effect is generally observed with standard biocides (DCOIT, OIT etc...).
In other cases, standard antimicrobials present a good level of protection but can't avoid discoloration of PVC under UV conditions.

Lonza antimicrobials offer a combination of good UV light stability and long term protection in outdoor applications.

Below is an example of the combination of fungal protection and UV resistance of Vanquish® 100 antimicrobial compared to OBPA:

Flex Vinyl   Rating
Sample Active
Use-Level (ppm)
Active Ingredient
Unweathered Weathered
Blank Blank High Growth High Growth
OBPA 500 No Growth High Growth
BBIT 1000 No Growth Low Growth

Protection under UV exposure with Vanquish 100 antimicrobial

Table 1: ASTM G21 Fungal Challenge in Flexible PVC following
50 hours QUV Light and Water Leaching (BBIT = Vanquish® 100 antimicrobial)
Figure 1: Comparable UV resistance of OBPA and Vanquish® 100 antimicrobial
Yellowness index @ 500h Exposure to QUV (BBIT = Vanquish® 100 antimicrobial)

> The level of protection provided by Vanquish® 100 antimicrobial is superior to OBPA.
> A loss of the OBPA preservative effect is observed when exposed to UV and water leaching.

Antimicrobial protection in soil burial environment with Lonza antimicrobials:

Vanquish® SL 10 antimicrobial protects the surface of substrates and prevents odors and aesthetic problems such as staining or growth on or in the substrate as shown in Figure 2:

Comparison of effectiveness of antimicrobials in Soil Burial

Figure 2: Comparison of effectiveness of antimicrobials in Soil Burial in PVC Leached (South Florida)
(Dosage rates are standard used concentrations: BBIT/ZPT (2000 ppm),
OBPA (500 ppm), OIT (2000 ppm) and DCOIT (200 ppm))
(BBIT/ZPT = Vanquish® SL 10 Antimicrobial)

Easy formulation with Lonza antimicrobials

Lonza antimicrobial additives are easy-to-formulate and easy-to-handle (powder and liquid forms are available).
See some formulation examples below.

Vanquish® antimicrobial and Zinc Omadine® antimicrobial have less secondary effects on the other ingredients of the formulation vs. standard antimicrobials.

Lonza antimicrobials offer:
  • Compatibility with:
    • common plastic additives (plasticizers, oils, polyols etc...)
    • a wide range of polymers – Visit our Applications pages to learn more
  • Minimal yellowing as shown in Figure 3
  • Good pH stability
  • Different solubility profiles to address a wide range of formulation needs - in formulation components and in water

In addition, they are available in different forms (granule/liquid/powder options) and under appropriate conditions, liquid form may be added to other liquid components during manufacture or blended into a ready-made plastisol.

As shown in Figure 3, Vanquish® 100 holds up well to high UV environments:

Vanquish® 100 holds up well to high UV environments

Figure 3: Yellowing tests results following QUV exposures

Minimal PVC yellowing with Lonza Vanquish® antimicrobials.

Example of formulation with Lonza Biocides:

Product Active Agent (%) Product Form Carrier Application
Zinc Omadine® FPS
Antimicrobial 48% Dispersion
48% Aqueous Dispersion Water PU Foam,
Latex, Carpet
Zinc Omadine®
Antimicrobial Powder
98 Powder None Polyurethanes,
Polyolefin, EVA
100 Antimicrobial
98 Liquid None Polyurethanes, PVC,
Polyolefin, EVA
Vanquish® SL
10 Antimicrobial
9.5 Liquid Dispersion DINP PVC
Table 2: Formulation choices
Vanquish® SL 10
Antimicrobial Products
Zinc Omadine®
PU 1200-3000 1200-3000 500-3000
PVC 1500-3000 1500-3000 500-2200
Rubbers & Elastomers 1000-5000 1000-5000 300-3000
Polyolefins 500-2000 500-2000 1000-4000
Silicone 500-5000 N/A N/A
Table 3: Plastics typical use level summary (ppm AI)

Compliance with regulations governing biocide usage

Zinc Omadine® antimicrobial is registered in many countries for use in both personal care and industrial product applications.

Lonza is committed to offering antimicrobial solutions that support formulators in their need to meet upcoming environmental regulations.

Compared to OBPA, DCOIT, TBT and OIT, Lonza biocides represent good alternatives that meet today's demanding toxicological and environmental regulatory requirements:
  • Zinc Omadine® antimicrobial, Vanquish® 100 antimicrobial and Vanquish® SL10 antimicrobial are registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in plastics, including the state of California
  • They are not based on arsenic, TBT, Triclosan

In addition, specifics for each grade include:
  • Zinc Omadine® Antimicrobial
    • No Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
    • No odor
    • Fine Powder
  • Vanquish® 100 Antimicrobial liquid concentrate, miscible in
    • Liquid concentrate
    • Plasticizer/polyols
    • Concentrated form
    • Polyol stable


Case Studies from Antimicrobials and Biocides Solutions for Plastics

Superior Preservation of Vinyl Plastisol-based Outdoor Furniture with Vanquish® 100 Antimicrobial vs. OBPA and DCOIT

This case study shows why VANQUISH® 100 Antimicrobial provide better protection (than DCOIT and OBPA) of PVC against fungi after weathering and how it successfully passed the AFNOR X 41-514 test.


Excellent Antifungal Alternative to Tributyltin for Polyurethane Foam: Meet Specifications of FORD™ Motor Company with VANQUISH® 100 Antimicrobial!

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Replacement of Triclosan or Chitosan by Zinc OMADINE™ Dispersion Antimicrobial in Carpet Backing Application

Zinc OMADINE™ Dispersion Antimicrobial has proven to be an excellent alternative to standard biocides by offering superior broad spectrum protection of the polymer matrix.


Solve your OBPA Replacement Challenge and Protect Flexible Vinyl Flooring from Microbial Growth

The solution for this challenge is a cost-efficient antimicrobial, which prevents fungal, bacterial and even algal activity on PVC. VANQUISH® SL-10 antimicrobial is a replacement solution to OBPA and offers different benefits.


VANQUISH® 100 Antimicrobial: the Antimicrobial and Antifungal Additive for the preservation of PVC in High UV Environments

VANQUISH® 100 Antimicrobial has proven to be an excellent alternative to standard antimicrobials by offering superior protection to fungal growth on the polymer matrix under high UV exposure when compared to other antimicrobials.



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