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Carbon Black products are important ingredients for plastics applications and can contribute to color, opacity, electrical conductivity and protection from UV degradation. Birla Carbon supplies a diverse range of specialty carbon black products to meet the requirements of many and various applications and end uses. Uncover Raven and Conductex Carbon Black products.

Carbon Black products for various end-uses and applications

Carbon black products have many applications in plastics; they can be used as pigments, conductive fillers or ultraviolet light (UV) absorbers for various end-uses in automotive, electronics, appliances, consumer goods and more:
  • Engineering Resins
  • Film and Molding
  • Pipe
  • Wire & cable
  • Conductive and electrostatic dissipative (ESD)
  • Fibers
Automotive car
Engineering Resins Food Contact Application Wire and Cable

Engineering Resins

Raven 2800 Ultra, Raven 2900 Ultra, Raven 3000 Ultra are high jetness carbon blacks specifically designed for use in high value plastics such as engineering resins.

Film and Molding

Raven carbon blacks provide excellent UV protection for industrial or consumer plastic applications. Raven 425 Ultra is one of the products from the Raven 4 series used in plastic color concentrate for film and molding.

For food-contact applications, low-PAH products are available. Raven FC1 meets U.S. FDA 21 CFR 178.3297 for indirect food contact plastics.


To protect against harmful UV radiation that leads to mechanical degradation of pipes, Raven P-type carbon blacks provide purity for compounds with low moisture pickup and excellent surface finish.

Raven P125 Ultra, Raven P7 Ultra and Raven PFEB are some of the carbon black products recommended for pipe, film, and fiber.

Conductive and electrostatic dissipative (ESD)

Conductex 7093 features physical and chemical cleanliness for use in demanding power cable and electrostatic dissipation applications.

Conductex 7055 Ultra, Conductex K Ultra, and Conductex 7067 Ultra are the industry-recognized conductive carbon blacks for ESD applications. 

Wire and Cable

For conductor shields, Conductex 7055 Ultra and Conductex 7060 Ultra are good options for high conductivity and age resistance.

For insulation shields, Conductex 7051 Ultra and Conductex 7095 Ultra are the required products for age resistance and strippability purposes.
To provide UV protection to the jacket and ensure long-term mechanical protection and reinforcement, Raven UV Ultra and Raven PC Ultra are some of the products offered by Birla Carbon.


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