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Carbon Black products are important ingredients for plastics applications and can contribute to color, opacity, electrical conductivity and protection from UV degradation. Birla Carbon supplies a diverse range of specialty carbon black products to meet the requirements of many and various applications and end uses. Uncover Raven and Conductex Carbon Black products.

Benefit from Carbon Black properties to improve plastic products performance

Carbon blacks contribute to the aesthetics and performance of plastic applications:
- Color and tinting performance - when used as pigment
- Conductive performance - if used as conductive filler material
- UV protection - when used as ultraviolet (UV) absorber

Color and tinting performance

Figure 1: Jetness and Undertone – Masstone performance (2% loading in ABS)
As shown in Figure 1, Raven 3500, Raven 7000 and Raven 5000 Ultra II provide excellent jetness and undertone.

Depending on the final application, Raven 5000 Ultra II provides the highest color and undertone.

Raven 3500 is the easiest to disperse.

Conductive performance

Carbon Blacks can be used as conductive fillers in polymers and polymer blends. They impart conductivity to the Polymer matrix.

Conductex 7055 Ultra, Conductex 7067 Ultra and Conductex K Ultra are good filler options to be used in wire & cable and other conductive applications.

UV protection

Carbon blacks preferentially absorb the harmful UV lights and thus protect from degradation. Higher absorption leading to better protection.

In wire & cable applications, this protects jacket from degradation.
Coefficient of Absorption
Figure 2: Coefficient of Absorption (COA) vs. Carbon Black Surface Area
For UV protection, Birla Carbon offers Raven UV Ultra, Raven PFEB, Raven P7 Ultra, Raven P5 Ultra.


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