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Carbon Black products are important ingredients for plastics applications and can contribute to color, opacity, electrical conductivity and protection from UV degradation. Birla Carbon supplies a diverse range of specialty carbon black products to meet the requirements of many and various applications and end uses. Uncover Raven® and Conductex® Carbon Black products.

Benefit from Carbon Black properties to improve plastic products performance

Carbon blacks contribute to the aesthetics and performance of plastic applications:
- Color and tinting performance - when used as pigment
- Conductive performance - if used as conductive filler material
- UV protection - when used as ultraviolet (UV) absorber

Color and tinting performance

Figure 1: Jetness and Undertone – Masstone performance (2% loading in ABS)
As shown in Figure 1, Raven® 3500, Raven® 7000 and Raven® 5000 Ultra® II provide excellent jetness and undertone.

Depending on the final application, Raven® 5000 Ultra® II provides the highest color and undertone.

Raven® 3500 is the easiest to disperse.

Conductive performance

Carbon Blacks can be used as conductive fillers in polymers and polymer blends. They impart conductivity to the Polymer matrix.

Conductex® 7055 Ultra®, Conductex® 7067 Ultra® and Conductex® K Ultra® are good filler options to be used in wire & cable and other conductive applications.

UV protection

Carbon blacks preferentially absorb the harmful UV lights and thus protect from degradation. Higher absorption leading to better protection.

In wire & cable applications, this protects jacket from degradation.
Coefficient of Absorption
Figure 2: Coefficient of Absorption (COA) vs. Carbon Black Surface Area
For UV protection, Birla Carbon offers Raven® UV Ultra®, Raven® PFEB, Raven® P7 Ultra®, Raven® P5 Ultra®.

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