Daikin fluoro based polymers processing aids are additives used to increase productivity and quality of PE materials during extrusion. These additives have the advantage to not compromise on PE performance as only few hundred ppm are needed.

Discover Daikin's new App: ShearRate

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Wanting to determine your products' shear rate quickly? Here is a solution for you!

Discover Daikin's new App
ShearRate is a new application allowing to calculate the shear rate of a wide range of extruded plastics:
  • Blown Film,
  • Tube - Pipe,
  • Cast Film - Sheet,
  • Pellets - Fibers

Thanks to this new app, you no longer need the full technical data of the material: only 4 values are required to calculate the shear rate automatically!

This exclusive and free application is provided by Daikin Chemical Europe GmbH.

Top 3 reasons to use this application
1 Available for several materials
2 Easy to use
3 Free

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Case Studies from Fluoropolymers as Polymer Processing Aid (PPA)

Reduce PPA dosage and interactions with HALS in PE agricultural films

Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) - Fluoropolymers based additives help to reduce melt fracture, reduce die build-up and extend the time between cleanings, decrease PPA dosage with similar performance.



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