Daikin fluoro based polymers processing aids are additives used to increase productivity and quality of PE materials during extrusion. These additives have the advantage to not compromise on PE performance as only few hundred ppm are needed.

Avoid gel formation with Daikin’s PPA

Gel formation in polyolefin film is a phenomenon that is difficult to solve.

Fluoropolymer processing aids function by coating metal surfaces, effectively changing the interface between metal and polyolefin.
The low-energy surface provided by PPA coating leads to reduced residence time of the polyolefin resin while preventing gel formation caused by temperature.

The use of PPA in formulation is very useful to avoid surface default caused by the gel formation.

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Reduce PPA dosage and interactions with HALS in PE agricultural films

Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) - Fluoropolymers based additives help to reduce melt fracture, reduce die build-up and extend the time between cleanings, decrease PPA dosage with similar performance.



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