Daikin fluoro based polymers processing aids are additives used to increase productivity and quality of PE materials during extrusion. These additives have the advantage to not compromise on PE performance as only few hundred ppm are needed.

PPA/Additives: Interaction Studies

As a professional in PE formulation, you probably encounter some issues in term of interactions between PPA and additives.
  • Resin producers usually use only one feeding zone for all the additives and the extrusion temperature is high. These two parameters increase the interactions between the additives.
  • Masterbatch producers use separate feeder for the additives and lower extrusion temperature, this is the reason why there is less interactions.

Daikin is conducting studies to understand the behavior of PPA when extruded in a PE formulation or masterbatch formulation, in order to help you selecting the best blending method in your formulation and maintain your product's performance.

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PPA & Anti-block case study

Protocol of the studies

The additives studied

In order to understand the behavior of PPA with the most common additives used in PE formulation, Daikin studied all the additives separately as a first step and together as a second step.
  • Step 1.1: Stearates
  • Step 1.2: Anti-oxidants
  • Step 1.3: Anti-blocks (Talc)
  • Step 2.0: Stearates + Anti-oxidants + Anti-blocks (Talc)
The PPA used
The PPA used for this study is DAIKIN PPA DA-910

The three blending methods tested
3 blending methods are investigated:
  1. Mix of PPA and additive powder (model most used by the resin producers)
  2. Mix of the PPA masterbatch with additive masterbatch
  3. Mix of additive powder with PE and them mix with PPA powder (model most used by the masterbatch producers)
The parameters measured
Thanks to a rheometer, the pressure drop and the coating speed are measured and compared. Click to learn more Click to learn more Click to learn more

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