Daikin fluoro based polymers processing aids are additives used to increase productivity and quality of PE materials during extrusion. These additives have the advantage to not compromise on PE performance as only few hundred ppm are needed.

Reduce your transportation cost by using Daikin’s PPA

Productivity of PE can be limited during finishing, due to melt-fracture and angel hair. In case of metallocene, when the pelletizer is not initially built for the higher shear rate, the surface of pellets becomes irregular because of melt fracture.

Obviously, lowering the output is not an option. To overcome this issue, resin producers can work at higher extrusion temperature but it has an effect on the thermal degradation of the polymer.

The use of PPA will provide a great advantage: by eliminating the melt-fracture, output will increase, keeping your pellets with a smooth surface. The extruder will stop being the bottle neck of your productivity!

Additionally, by eliminating the melt fracture effect on pellets, bulk density increases. Indeed, less volume will be needed to handle/transport the same quantity of PE. This allows the resin producer to fill without losses 25 kg bags for the storage and 25 tons trucks for the transportation.



Figure 1: Optimize storage and transportation costs with PPA: higher bulk density with regular pellets due to PPA

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Reduce PPA dosage and interactions with HALS in PE agricultural films

Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) - Fluoropolymers based additives help to reduce melt fracture, reduce die build-up and extend the time between cleanings, decrease PPA dosage with similar performance.



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