ExxonMobil Chemical offers the broadest range of High Molecular Weight phthalates plasticizers to offer optimal balance of performance and safety. Their compatibility with PVC and low volatility make Jayflex™ the plasticizers of choice when it comes to end products that are required to be durable and safe to use.

ExxonMobil High molecular weight Phthalates

With proven expertise, historic and years of work in the plasticizers industry, ExxonMobil offers today the broadest range of high molecular weight plasticizers. They combine performance and durability while being safe to use in all current applications. Their numerous benefits are:

Ease of use and processing
Strong compatibility with PVC
Aging performance
Readily biodegradable
Ease recyclability
Confirmed safety
ExxonMobil does not only offer high molecular weight phthalates plasticizer, but also performance and specialty plasticizers such as mono benzoate performance plasticizers and trimellitates for specific performance requirements:

General purpose plasticizers: optimal balance of safety and performance
Performance plasticizers for more demanding applications
Specialty plasticizers meeting specific performance requirements


Case Studies from High Molecular Weight Phthalates Plasticizers

DINP and DIDP plasticisers for flexible, safe and sustainable vinyl articles

EU scientific agency concludes DINP is not classifiable for reproductive effects. In February 2015, a proposal for the classification of DINP is submitted to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) by Denmark. It triggered a scientific debate on the proposal for classification.

Consequently, a complete re-analysis of the raw data on a key study in the dossier conducted by scientists at the Danish Technical University is made.

After 3 years work on the proposals from Denmark to classify DINP as a Category 1B Reproductive Agent, the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) review process involved a rapporteur and co-rapporteur working in-depth on the Danish proposal one year before the decision was taken by the full committee. In March 2018, the ECHA RAC carried out a robust scientific weight of evidence evaluation taking into account all of the relevant data.



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