Solplus™ polymeric dispersants, also known as hyperdispersants, are polymeric materials designed to offer significantly higher levels of performance for thermoplastics, thermosets and liquid colorants.

Solplus™ polymeric dispersants for thermoplastics applications

The use of dispersants to aid in particle size reduction helps deliver product performance in thermoplastics such as engineering plastics (PA, PBT, PC) and common thermoplastics (PP, PE, EVA or PVC).

The use of the optimal dispersant can enhance color strength and mechanical properties, while improving overall throughput and processing costs.

Lubrizol offers various high-performance products for masterbatch and compounding applications with the Solplus™ polymeric dispersants product line.

Find out more about the performance benefits of Lubrizol’s dispersant products for thermoplastics applications:
Product Product description Physical form Particles dispersed Application FDA compliance* Product TDS
Solplus™ DP 310 General purpose product, particularly effective for Polyolefins Coarse powder - Organic pigments
- Inorganic pigments
- Fillers
Compatible with a wide range of polymers Yes Download
Solplus™ DP 320 High melting point dispersant with high decomposition temperature and best filter blocking performance White powder - Organic pigments
- Inorganic pigments
- Fillers
For engineering plastics, film and fiber applications Yes Download
Solplus™ DP 330 Dispersant designed to maximize color strength with improved processing White powder - Organic pigments Compatible with a wide range of polymers Some FDA compliance Download
Solplus™ DP 700 Improves processing of highly filled PVC Brown liquid - Inorganic pigments
- Fillers
For rigid or flexible PVC No Download
* Please inquire for specific FDA compliance details.

Lubrizol also offers high-performance polymeric dispersants for other applications:
Liquid colorants & dispersions
Thermosets applications


Case Studies from Polymeric dispersants for Plastics

Gain stability in multiple reactive thermoset systems and improve dispersion of a broad range of pigments with one unique dispersant

Solplus D610 offers a combination of good dispersion of a broad range of pigments with stability in multiple reactive thermoset systems including epoxy, polyamide, polyurethane, unsaturated polyester gelcoats, and others.  

See comparative performance data vs benchmark solutions in this case study.


PP/Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch: Increase loading up to 85% and improve dispersion with Solplus™ DP310 hyperdispersant

Calcium carbonate masterbatch concentrates can typically achieve 75% loading with existing wax technologies. Now they can obtain higher filler loadings up to 85% with Solplus™ DP310 hyperdispersant. Its excellent dispersing capabilities helps improve manufacturing efficiencies and provide high quality PP masterbatch.


Improve processability of highly loaded Nylon 6 masterbatch dispersions with Solplus™ DP320 hyperdispersant

Solplus™ DP320 hyperdispersant is a preferred option to meet the requirements for processing efficiency of nylon masterbatch compounds and to deliver good aesthetics.

It offers:

  • Improved processability resulting in an increase of overall throughput and a decrease in costs due to: lower filter pressure, reduced extruder torque, effective dispersion
  • Increased color strength at low and high filler loading



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