Polypropylene with excellent aesthetics can be achieved with the industry standard clarifying agent Millad® NX™ 8000. Haze values are reduced, quality and consistency are enhanced and cost benefits achieved.

About Polypropylene Crystallinity

Isotactic Polypropylene is a commodity polymer but the semi-crystalline structure is very complex and depends strongly on thermal history and processing conditions.

Isotactic polypropylene can crystallize under 3 forms:
Alpha phase

Bullet  Alpha phase

This a-phase is the most stable and the most known. The crystals are monoclinic.
Beta phase

Bullet  Beta phase

This phase is metastable and the crystals are pseudo-hexagonal b-phase is mainly found in block PP copolymers and can be generated by addition of specific nucleating agents. This form was discovered by Padden and Keith in 1953 and can be improved by crystallization between 130 and 132°C or by orientation with high shear or through addition of specific nucleating agents. Presence of beta-phase in PP homopolymer generally increases ductility in the finished parts. Maximum effect is observed at 65% of beta-phase.
Gamma phase

Bullet  Gamma phase

This phase is also metastable with triclinic crystals. This form is not very familiar but appears mainly in low molecular weight polypropylene by crystallization at very high pressure and very low cooling rate.

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