Boron nitride is an excellent heat conductor and electrical insulator with overall cost reduction while improving physical properties at lower loading.

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Boron nitride properties provide many benefits to thermoplastics to enable an efficient thermal conduction combined with electrical insulation:
  • Superior thermal conductivity - BN powders can increase thermal conductivity up to 10 W/mK in-plane
  • Heat dissipation
  • Effective electrical insulation - dielectric constant 3.9
  • Good dispersion
  • Soft and lubricious aspect - Mohs' hardness (=1.2)
These properties lead to:
Properties of Boron nitride

These benefits are valued in many applications to develop more performant and reliable parts to enhance end-user experience.


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Thermally conductive plastics contributes to safer and high performance medical devices. They also represent an excellent alternative to metal replacement.


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