Boron nitride is an excellent heat conductor and electrical insulator with overall cost reduction while improving physical properties at lower loading.

Why is heat dissipation critical in electronic devices?

To meet the ever-changing needs of consumers in regard to their beloved electronics, designers in the E&E industry must innovate even faster with smaller, more complex, and more powerful devices.

The challenge is that along with these elevated designs come elevated operating temperatures and more heat generation. Performance and heat are closely linked as electronic circuitry operates best at lower temperatures.


Therefore, this massive growth in electronic equipment requires innovative solutions that meet the new challenges in thermal management. Heat dissipation enables lower operating temperatures to:
  • Enable durable and reliable electrical components
  • Prevent premature failure
  • Maintain performance over time
electronic equipment

Boron Nitride (BN)-based thermally conductive plastics is a solution that stands out as it combines the benefits of plastics and BN, including:
Heat dissipation Design freedom Safety Minimal shielding effect
Miniaturization Light weight Aesthetic System cost reduction

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