Boron nitride is an excellent heat conductor and electrical insulator with overall cost reduction while improving physical properties at lower loading.

Access new markets and follow market trends with TCP containing Boron Nitride!

Users and formulators enjoy the design freedom of plastics, however the thermal insulating properties inherent in neat resins reduce opportunities for plastic-based solutions in electronics, LEDs and other thermally sensitive applications.

Momentive Boron Nitride heat sink Plastics manufacturers trying to obtain better thermal management properties using traditional fillers face limitations in color flexibility and higher system costs due to additional components required to ensure electrical insulation.

In many electronics applications, fine features and design complexity increase the probability of system failure if a suitable thermal management solution is not used. Systems can suffer from sub-optimal performance and reduced component lifetime.

Therefore, in many cases, plastic compounds were abandoned and more costly metal-based systems were chosen.

Innovative compounds containing BN offer high thermal conductivity for new applications

Boron nitride (BN) is a white synthetic ceramic that provides excellent thermal conductivity while remaining electrically insulating. Compared to other insulating fillers, it can deliver superior thermal conductivity, be easier to process and kinder to extrusion and mixing equipment. See comparative Thermal Conductivity performance vs. other conductive fillers here.

Supported by Momentive's technical and compounding know-how, plastics formulators can now explore new applications and enter new markets by proposing innovative and efficient thermal management options to material specifiers.

Designers using thermally conductive plastics containing BN can now combine design freedom with appropriate thermal management solutions to:
  • create significant market differentiation vs. competition (in cases where thermal management and electrical insulation are required)
  • participate in expanding markets requiring thermal management, weight savings, or miniaturization
Momentive BN can enable market innovations in plastics combining:
  • Differentiation through better thermal management with safe, electrically-isolating designs
  • Design freedom with more compact design possibilities and feature integration (miniaturization) leading to system cost reduction vs. metal based systems
  • Weight savings vs. metal
  • Enhanced color freedom at similar thermal performance compared to electrically-conductive additives such as graphite or carbon

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