Boron nitride is an excellent heat conductor and electrical insulator with overall cost reduction while improving physical properties at lower loading.

Why should you consider Boron Nitride?

To enable thermal performance and create a pathway to lower cost !

Until recently, one of the main barriers to expansion into new markets for formulators using boron nitride (BN) was price. BN is a high-value additive and pricing can sometimes be a limiting factor to entering new applications requiring efficient thermal management solutions.

Good news: This is no longer true!

New hybrid fillers can provide thermal conductivity performance and improved physical properties.

These new hybrid fillers offer:
  • High thermal conductivity at lower BN loadings
  • Improved physical properties vs. high BN-loaded compounds

A tailor-made approach with a predictive tool to support TCP formulations

Momentive also has developed a predictive tool to enable compounders to determine a highly accurate starting point for a formulation based on the resin and the desired level of thermal conductivity. CoolFX* hybrid fillers are developed for a range of performance criteria, and Momentive can help compounders determine an optimized filler strategy to meet requirements with few tradeoffs.

Reliability of Supply & Easy-to-Compound Solutions

CoolFX hybrid fillers are supplied as a single powder and typically offer more consistent feeding. As a result, these hybrid fillers typically show faster in-mold cooling, can be molded in shorter cycles and can lead to higher yield and productivity.

Easy-to-compound solutions show good dispersion of the filler and more uniform behavior, plus Momentive experts can suggest optimized screw configurations to maximize performance.

When you need to ramp up quickly, Momentive - the world's largest manufacturer of boron nitride - is there to support you.

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