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Chemours provides Titanium dioxide, a white pigment, providing whiteness, brightness, opacity and lacing resistance to plastic formulations.

Why use TiO2 ?

As a white pigment, TiO2 is widely used for its efficiency in scattering visible light, and imparting whiteness, brightness, and high opacity when incorporated into a plastic formulation.

Moreover, the ability of titanium dioxide to absorb UV light energy can provide significant improvement in the weatherability and durability of polymer products. This property has established the use of TiO2 in applications such as PVC window profiles, agricultural films, where chalking stability and color retention are desired.

Figure 1 below shows major benefits and applications served by Titanium dioxide.

benefits and applications served by Titanium dioxide

Commercial grades of titanium dioxide are rarely pure. Most consist in multilayer inorganic structures and, in some cases, an organic treatments is deposited on the surfaces of the TiO2 particle to improve compatibility and dispersability.

In order to help you in your developments and in the selection of the right grades, we offer you the following items:

- General description of TiO2
- Main effects provided by TiO2
- Informations on how to compound and handle TiO2
- Applications of TiO2 in polymers such as PVC, Polyolefins,Styrenics and other.


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