Ti-Pure™ rutile titanium dioxide pigments impart whiteness, brightness and opacity to various polymer applications including polyolefins, PVC, and engineering polymers. In addition to optical properties, Ti-Pure™ TiO2 can help to improve processability and to protect the polymers from UV degradation.

Titanium Dioxide for Laminate Products

For superior, consistent opacity and color, simply having titanium dioxide in your laminate products is not enough. To achieve the best results in your laminate products, even dispersion and spacing of the TiO2 particles is crucial. That is why laminate product producers count on Chemours Ti-Pure TiO2.

Chemours Ti-Pure™ R-796 TiO2 is a versatile, high brightness rutile pigment that provides excellent opacity and retention and is suitable for use in high- and low-pressure décor papers, decorative foils, and print-base applications.

Ti-Pure™ R-796 offers:
Tick Excellent opacity and retention characteristics in a variety of water types
Tick Outstanding light stability
Tick High brightness with neutral, blue-white shade
Tick Self-dispersing characteristics in alkaline aqueous systems
Tick Superior quality consistency
Tick More neutral pH delivering process latitude in wet end

Download the Technical Brochure for Ti-Pure™ R-796:

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Ti-Pure™ R-796

Additional information on end applications benefiting from Chemours Ti-Pure™ are available in these brochures

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Paper Foils
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Edgebanding papers
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Backer papers

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