Ti-Pure™ rutile titanium dioxide pigments impart whiteness, brightness and opacity to various polymer applications including polyolefins, PVC, and engineering polymers. In addition to optical properties, Ti-Pure™ TiO2 can help to improve processability and to protect the polymers from UV degradation.

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide for Polyolefins

Titanium dioxide is used in various applications for Polyolefins such as rigid & flexible packaging and agricultural flexible films.

Depending on the manufacturing process (injection molding/blow molding, cast film/extrusion coating), one or several Chemours Ti-Pure™ grades can fulfill the performance requirements.

Ti-Pure™ is the preferred TiO2 for Polyolefin extrusion coating and cast film applications

Chemours Ti-Pure™ R-104 offers excellent lacing resistance in high-temperature extrusion coating and cast film applications. It is specifically designed to give outstanding melt flow with highly loaded thermoplastics masterbatches. Ti-Pure™ R-104 combines high tinting strength and blue undertone.

Ti-Pure™ R-350 offers a combination of functions in one TiO2 making R-350 the prime choice for high temperature cast films, exterior films and general purpose applications while providing excellent assurance against discoloration. It is optimized for polyolefin and ABS applications. R-350 allows a plastics formulator to design products that can be used in diverse applications ranging from general purpose plastics, durable/non-durable plastics and high quality products with critical end use applications. R-350 demonstrates excellent dispersion, marvelous processibility, exceptionally low volatility and enhanced durability.

For many end users with outdoor film applications, retention of the film's physical properties for the longest practical time is the most important performance parameter. To meet such exposure requirements, Ti-Pure™ R-105 is the preferred grade. The combination of a lower pigment loading, thicker film, and lower melt temperatures can be used to minimize the effects of volatiles on extruded film quality.

Ti-Pure™ for Polyolefin injection molding, blow molding, blown cast film

Ti-Pure™ R-350 is the titanium dioxide recommended for use in injection molding, blow molding, or blown film. Ti-Pure™ R-350 has high opacity strength, very blue undertone, exceptional processing and dispersion in highly loaded concentrates.

For applications requiring food contact, Chemours has grades that are suitable for use. Please find the most up to date regulatory information on Chemours website. For indirect food contact, Chemours' Ti-Pure™ R-104 is a preferred option.

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