Ti-Pure™ rutile titanium dioxide pigments impart whiteness, brightness and opacity to various polymer applications including polyolefins, PVC, and engineering polymers. In addition to optical properties, Ti-Pure™ TiO2 can help to improve processability and to protect the polymers from UV degradation.

Ti-Pure™ to optimize performance of rigid & flexible PVC

Titanium dioxide is found in applications such as rigid and flexible PVC for building materials. Selecting the optimal titanium dioxide product for rigid or flexible vinyl applications depends on the intended use of the product and the type of heat stabilizers used in the PVC compound to protect the resin during processing.

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide for rigid PVC

In rigid, outdoor, white applications, Ti-Pure™ R-105 can be used in non-chalking white profiles intended for exterior applications such as building siding and window profiles. For non-chalking colored applications, Ti-Pure™ R-960 is the preferred grade. Ti-Pure™ R-103 is recommended for chalking applications.

Ti-Pure titanium dioxide for flexible PVC

Ti-Pure™ R-103 provides optimal performance in flexible PVC and PVC plastisols. The alumina surface treatment of R-103 provides good dispersion and good shelf stability in plastisols.

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