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Coca Cola to Discuss Method of Assessing Bio-carbon from Renewable Resources at BioPlastek

Published on 2011-06-22. Author : SpecialChem

NEW YORK -- After PlantBottle® PET packaging innovation from Coca-Cola, there was a need for a convenient method to quantitatively analyze the monoethylene glycol content from bio-source in PET resins used to produce PlantBottle® PET. Coca-Cola Analytical Science Team then developed a patent-pending analytical method to quantitatively determine the amount of bio-based material in PlantBottle® PET resin. This novel test method has shown excellent reproducibility and accuracy, with excellent correlation to the conventional ASTM 6866 method using accelerator mass spectroscopy for determining bio-content.

The new method is based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) interfaced with either an isotopic total organic carbon (iTOC) analyzer or a combustion module (CM) that allows scientists to determine the value of delta carbon 13 (delta 13C) from sample combustion. By correlating the delta 13C values measured by CRDS with values measured by accelerator mass spectroscopy, it is possible to determine the percentages of bio-carbon (from renewable resources). The correlation between the two methods has been shown to be highly linear.

The major attributes of the new test method are that it is both rapid and cost-effective. This has enabled The Coca-Cola Company to analyze large numbers of PlantBottle® production samples to validate their bio-content for market introductions.

Details of this new quantitative method for determining the percentage of bio-carbon from renewable resources will be presented by Dr. Sheng Yang, Director of Analytical Science, Research &Technology, The Coca-Cola Company, as a late addition to Session 2A (Packaging Applications - I) of the BioPlastek 2011 Forum. It will take place on June 27-29, 2011 at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.

About BioPlastek Forum

BioPlastek Forum is being organized by Schotland Business Research, Inc., which has been organizing international conferences in plastics and packaging for 30 years. It is being sponsored by the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) and the Chemical Development & Marketing Association (CDMA). To date there are 13 media partners supporting the Forum.

Source: BioPlastek Forum

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