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Ascend Increases Liquid Hexamine Production for Rubber Processing

Published on 2017-07-17. Author : SpecialChem

Ascend has increased production and delivery of bulk quantities of FlexaTram™-HMT-200, a high-concentration liquid hexamine product.

The company announced in March the development of hexamine loading facilities and has been delivering lower-concentration FlexaTram™-HMT-100 since April.

Largest Hexamine Production Plant in North America

Ascend’s Chocolate Bayou plant, located near Alvin, Texas, has produced hexamine for over 50 years, largely for captive use, and the new capabilities allow the company to support increasing customer demand. As the largest hexamine production plant in North America, Chocolate Bayou is ideally situated to serve producers of resin-coated proppants, used in oil and gas drilling.

Curing Agent for Rubber And Epoxy

  • High-temperature accelerators with medium to long curing ranges and slow curing rates, preventing early stage rubber sagging
  • Secondary accelerators to control curing rates such as mercapto, sulphenamide, thiuram and dithiocarbamate

Having multiple concentrations helps us meet the unique needs of our customers,” said Finlay Morrison, vice president of specialty chemicals at Ascend Performance Materials. “It ensures that we are matching their production processes, making them more efficient. Our Chocolate Bayou team has made it possible for us to step up production and meet customer demand sooner than expected.

Ascend’s specialty chemicals division manufactures FlexaTrac™ acids and esters, FlexaTram™ amines and FlexaTril™ nitriles. The company also offers several signature products, including Hexatran™, Hextranol™, Prionil™ and Trinohex™.

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Source: Ascend
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