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Nexam Chemical to Acquire Plasticolor, a Manufacturer of Masterbatch Products

Published on 2017-12-13. Author : SpecialChem

Nexam Chemical has signed an agreement to acquire all shares in the privately owned company Plasticolor Sweden AB for a total of SEK 116 million, of which SEK 22.2 million is paid through new shares in Nexam Chemical.

Acquiring the Masterbatch Manufacturer

Multifunctional Masterbatch

  • Plasticolor is an internationally established manufacturer of masterbatch products to the plastic industry and has production in four countries.
  • Through the acquisition, Nexam Chemical ensures access to high-class production capacity, which means that the company can expand its product portfolio and accelerate its growth. 
  • Nexam Chemical and Plasticolor complement each other and enable the introduction of NEXAMITE® Multifunctional Masterbatch (NMMB), where a number of additives are packaged together with NEXAMITE® in a masterbatch.

Nexam Chemical has now access to production technology and capacity that fits perfectly with our needs. NEXAMITE® Multifunctional Masterbatch is a more advanced masterbatch than we offer today. Our customers will be able to benefit from the performance improvements and the cost effectiveness of NMMB. It also opens doors for establishing ourselves in new segments,” says Anders Spetz, CEO at Nexam Chemical.

New Customer Offers

We have, since we started the discussions of a collaboration with Nexam Chemical, seen the synergies and value that our two businesses can create together. The two company’s complements each other very well and we see that our common know-how can create new customer offers which will generate value and long-term profitable growth. I and my partners look forward to join Nexam Chemical for this journey as new shareholders,” says Håkan Linné, CEO and co-founder of Plasticolor.

Additional Product Opportunities

The acquisition of Plasticolor gives Nexam Chemical production resources and technology that enables for additional product opportunities and improved margins. It also give access to new customers and market segments in addition to the three areas, polyethylene pipes, polyester foams and high performance applications, which is Nexam Chemicals focus today. The acquisition also includes a number of properties together with manufacturing equipment.

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Source: Nexam Chemical
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