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Strategic Partnership to Supply UV Absorber to European Customers – Sabo, ZIKO

Published on 2019-07-02. Author : SpecialChem

sabo-ziko-uv-absorber Sabo and ZIKO have announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership on the UV formamidine class UV absorber SABO®STAB UV 1.

Application in PU-based Thermoplastics

The demand for SABO®STAB UV 1 has been steadily increasing and will continue to grow as the product of choice for applications in polyurethane based thermoplastics and sealants.

Strengthen Global Presence

“The collaboration with ZIKO LTD will allow Sabo SpA to offer enhanced security of supply on exclusive basis to its European customers complemented by the established range of high-performance HALS solutions” said Alberto Vischetti, Global Head Plastic Additives Sabo SpA.

We are confident that we will build with Sabo SpA a long-term and successful relationship and strengthen our global presence and awareness through the partnership with Sabo SpA on SABO®STAB UV1 said Takjun Lee, Vice President of ZIKO LTD.

Source: Sabo
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