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Tosaf Uses Solvay’s UV Light Stabilizer to Prolong Lifetime of Stadium Seats

Published on 2020-09-16. Author : SpecialChem

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U-Vlight-stabilizer-to-protect-stadium-seatThrough ongoing collaboration, Solvay and Tosaf are attempting to extend the durability of plastics for various end applications, including outdoor stadium seats.

Producing High-quality Masterbatches

We work closely with Tosaf to provide them with the best UV light stabilizer for this application. CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B877 Stabilizer is exclusively produced by Solvay,” says Sophie Poelmans, global marketing manager for polymer additives at Solvay’s technology solutions global business unit.

Tosaf is a leading producer in the world of masterbatch and compounds for stadium seats. We have developed solutions that are tailored to this hard-wearing application, combining protection from weathering, UV, and fire, while meeting the standards and country-specific regulatory requirements. Together with Solvay, we work on the continuous development of high-quality masterbatch products for valuable, durable end applications,” explains Oren Moshe, FR Business Unit Manager of Tosaf.

FR & UV Light Stabilizer for Stadium Seats

Aside from UV light stabilizers, other additives are added to the polypropylene. Typically, stadium seat formulations also contain pigments for coloration and flame retardants, depending on the geographical location of the project. The components of a stadium seat formulation must be carefully selected to ensure there are no negative interactions.

This process requires specific expertise, which Tosaf has mastered exceptionally well. The combination of Tosaf’s flame retardant structure and Solvay’s UV light stabilizer technology has been used successfully in more than 30 different color systems, all of which have been approved in the market and have demonstrated exceptional long-term UV durability and color retention.

Source: Solvay
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