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XG Sciences & Perpetuus Collaborate to Optimize Graphene’s Performance

Published on 2019-12-10. Author : SpecialChem

Tire industry XG Sciences has entered into commercialization and license agreements with Perpetuus Advance Materials to optimize graphene’s performance in a range of matrices and end-use markets.

Collaboration for Product Development and Supply

The agreements provide the commercial framework allowing the two companies to more closely collaborate in the exclusive supply of functionalized graphene into the North American market and to also collaboratively develop applications for the global marketplace. Initially, the Companies will focus efforts on elastomers, with an emphasis on tires and related applications, but may expand the relationship over time to include other markets and applications.

Under the Agreements, Perpetuus will locate one or more of its patented, plasma-based surfaces-modification production plants in the U.S. near one of XG Sciences’ graphene nanoplatelet production facilities. The collaboration contemplates both product development collaboration and high-volume commercial supply.

We have been working with Perpetuus in various commercial and development efforts for the past several years. This Agreement represents a key milestone in the commercial adoption of graphene and establishes XG Sciences and Perpetuus as marque players in the supply of graphene for use in tire elastomers and other applications,” said Dr. Philip Rose, CEO, XG Sciences.

Graphene - A Single Layer of Carbon Atoms

First isolated and characterized in 2004, graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms. Among many noted properties, monolayer graphene is harder than diamonds, lighter than steel but significantly stronger, and conducts electricity better than copper.

Graphene nanoplatelets are particles consisting of multiple layers of graphene with unique capabilities for energy storage, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, barrier properties, lubricity and the ability to impart physical property improvements when incorporated into plastics, metals or other matrices.

Surface-modified Graphene

The North American elastomer market, especially those used in tires is substantial. Perpetuus has unique technology with demonstrated performance enhancements when incorporated into tires. Tires will likely represent one of the break-out applications for graphene and we are now well-positioned with Perpetuus to deliver solutions to the elastomer market,” said Bamidele Ali, Chief Commercial Officer, XG Sciences.

We are familiar with XG Sciences’ graphene nanoplatelets and we have been utilizing them as input materials to our patented, surface-modification process and supplying the resulting high-performance graphenes to both commercial and developmental customers in a range of applications and markets. It is a natural fit to partner our two companies and leverage our respective capabilities to serve the North American market for elastomers,” said Ian Walters, Director and COO, Perpetuus.

Source: XG Sciences
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