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Jul 16, 2019 | Product News

LANXESS to Present FRs, Reinforcing Agents & more at K 2019

At K 2019, LANXESS will be presenting two flame retardants for rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam. It will also be showcasing new aramid-fiber-reinforced masterbatches from the Rhenogran P91-40...

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Jul 15, 2019 | Product News

SI GROUP’s Phosphite Antioxidant Receives U.S. FDA Approval Extension

SI Group has announced that its phosphite antioxidant ULTRANOX™ 626 has been granted an extension of existing approvals by the U.S. FDA for use as a food contact substance in polypropylene...

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Jul 9, 2019 | Product News

PolyOne Launches Infrared-detectable Black Colorants for Recyclable Packaging

PolyOne has launched a new portfolio of infrared- detectable black colorants for plastic packaging. These colorants will help black packaging support the circular economy by enabling them to be...

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Jul 5, 2019 | Product News

LANXESS at K 2019: To Present Masterbatches for Rubber Reinforcement

At K 2019, LANXESS will be showcasing new masterbatches for manufacturing reinforced rubber parts. The pre-dispersed additives from the Rhenogran product series are easy to handle, dust free, simple...

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Jul 2, 2019 | Product News

SABIC to Present Circular Polymers Based-on Recycled Pyrolysis Oil Feedstock at K2019

SABIC will highlight its pioneering initiative to produce certified circular polymers at Europe’s leading plastics exhibition in October this year. SABIC launched its groundbreaking project in Q4 of...

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Jun 28, 2019 | Product News

Perstorp Launches Pevalen™ Pro, a Renewable Polyol Ester Plasticizer

Perstorp launches a renewable polyol ester (phthalate alternative) plasticizer Pevalen™ Pro. Pevalen Pro not only gives PVC an environmental boost as a renewable true phthalate alternative...

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Jun 24, 2019 | Product News

Evonik at K 2019: To Present Processing Aid to Recycle Waste Rubber

At this year K fair in Düsseldorf, Evonik will be presenting VESTENAMER®. The unique process additive allows waste rubber to be efficiently processed into a tough material used again in a variety of...

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Jun 24, 2019 | Product News

PolyOne Presents Colorant & Additive Solutions for Synthetic Fibers at ITMA 2019

This week at ITMA, PolyOne is featuring its comprehensive range of liquid and solid colors and additives for the mass dyeing and functional modification of synthetic fibers. PolyOne’s full fiber...

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Jun 21, 2019 | Product News

SANITIZED Launches Sanitized® Mintactiv, a Peppermint-based Antibacterial Additive

Reliable odor-management for cotton textiles using natural mint with the new Sanitized® Mintactiv additive. Sanitized® Mintactiv is active against a variety of both gram-positive and gram-negative...

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Jun 19, 2019 | Product News

Sanyo Chemical Develops Polyol for Seat Cushions to Improve Ride Comfort

Sanyo Chemical Industries has announced that it has developed a material for automobile seat cushions, "SANNIX KC-737" which can improve ride comfort. "SANNIX KC-737" is a polyol successfully...

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