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Silberline at K 2016: To Introduce Aluminum Pigments for Plastics

Published on 2016-09-09. Author : SpecialChem

Silberline has announced to introduce SILVET E LT12882 and SILVET E LT12883 aluminum pigments and more at K 2016. Extra SPARKLE SILVET 600-10-E1 allows formulators the ability to create low-opacity metallic effects in a wide range of polymers. In preparation for K 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany next month Silberline is launching some exciting new additions to its product lines.

Additives for Plastics Market - New Approach for Color Design

Pigments for Plastics

Introducing: SILVET E LT12882 AND SILVET E LT12883

SILVET E LT12882 and SILVET E LT12883 grades are economical leafing aluminum pigments with corn flake geometry now being produced in pellet form for ease of handling and reduction of potential airborne contaminants.

Extra SPARKLE SILVET® Product Series

Extra SPARKLE SILVET aluminum pigments were developed to provide the potential for new application designs and paint-replacement opportunities for the Plastics market. Alluring and novel aesthetics can be accomplished with the unique shape of this product series. Moving away from the traditional 2-dimensional “flake” geometry to a 3-dimensional “sphere”, the geometry provides stylists and formulators a new approach for color design. The Extra SPARKLE SILVET series allows for low flow line appearance while providing a stylist the option to bypass mold re-configurations and offer new color designs quickly.

Introducing: Extra SPARKLE SILVET 600-10-E1

  • Silberline’s latest addition to this product line is Extra SPARKLE SILVET 600-10-E1.
  • Extra SPARKLE SILVET 600-10-E1 products creates subtle tones and a three-dimensional image within the final product.
  • Extra SPARKLE SILVET 600-10-E1allows formulators the ability to create low-opacity metallic effects in a wide range of polymers.
  • This system has demonstrated easy and safe handling, incorporation, and dispersion for a variety of processing options.
  • Processing options include injection molding, film & sheet and profile extrusions.

The New SILVET® E Series

The new SILVET E series is engineered to enable customer solutions for good opacity, hiding, and brilliance in reflectiveness and brightness at a more economical price point for a variety of end use applications including agriculture films.

About Silberline

Recognized as one of the world leaders in the manufacture and supply of aluminum effect pigments, Silberline is that company envisioned by Ernest Scheller over 60 years ago. With over 70 years of service in metallic pigments, Silberline’s portfolio is growing to better meet the needs of the ever changing Plastics market.
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Source: Silberline
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