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Ampacet Featured Masterbatch and Sustainability Product Solutions at K 2022

Published on 2022-11-14. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Ampacet-masterbatch-k-2022 Ampacet featured a range of masterbatch and sustainability product solutions and innovations at K 2022, in Germany. Among Ampacet’s advanced masterbatch solutions are products for the medical and pharmaceutical market, electrical and electronic equipment, agriculture, consumer goods and packaging applications.

Range of Products Exhibited

GASTOP-Flex™, a masterbatch designed to reduce gas transmission rates in flexible applications and help product designers to optimize packaging to meet circular economy requirements.

ProVital™+, a medical grade white and color masterbatch solution specifically designed for pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic equipment. ProVital+ is formulated with raw materials pre-tested for European Pharmacopeia and biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 standards.

Products containing Ampacet masterbatches and additives were also exhibited by several companies like Bandera, Gap and Reifenhauser.

Offers In-line Color Measuring & Correction Capabilities

Spectro 4.0™ Smart Technologies: Designed for plastic injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes, this patented color measurement system offers Industry 4.0 innovations, such as in-line color measuring and correction capabilities to ensure real-time production meets set color specifications.

Fiber optic sensors compare color data to a preset color standard throughout the manufacturing process to deliver consistent and accurate color monitoring and color correction in real time without interrupting production or creating delays by collecting samples to test. This highly accurate QA solution allows manufacturers to maintain uniform color standards both in-house and with contract processors around the world.

BlendSave: An automated resin blending and management system that simplifies and streamlines workflow processes while facilitating “lights out” operations. BlendSave is the only blending process that creates customized recipes and automatically distributes them without an operator interface and zero cross-contamination.

BlendSave delivers the blending flexibility needed for today’s operations, handling as many as 40 ingredients on up to 50 machines. The modular design manages throughput from 1,500 lbs./hr. to over 8,000 lbs./hr. in a footprint as small as 120 sq. ft.

Source: Ampacet

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