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OCSiAl Focused on Anti-static Agents and CNTs Applications at IRGCE 2016

Published on 2016-09-16. Author : SpecialChem

The OCSiAl delegation, represented by qualified experts in the rubber industry, was warmly welcomed at the 8th International Rubber Glove Conference & Exhibition (IRGCE) 2016, which was held on 6–8 September in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia.

Ekaterina Gorbunova at IRGCE 2016

At the conference, Ekaterina Gorbunova, the Product Developer at OCSiAl who is responsible for TUBALL™-based solutions for various elastomers, delivered a speech entitled: “Prospective developments in latex products: applications of single wall carbon nanotubes”.

TUBALL™ SWCNT – Advantages

  • Nanotubes form an additional reinforcing network integrated into the polymer matrix.
  • Ultra low effective concentrations of nanotubes provide reinforcement
  • Doesn’t affect plasto-elastic properties and the structure of rubber
  • The addition of SWCNTs into rubbers does not change the composition of the rubber compound.

TUBALL™ LATEX - Properties

  • Conductive additive for latex gloves featuring dispersed TUBALL™ nanotubes.
  • Provides latex with permanent and humidity-independent anti-static and ESD properties.
  • Provides excellent electrical conductivity and retains the mechanical properties and color of the elastomeric matrix.
  • It enables manufacturers to achieve permanent and humidity independent conductivity in full compliance with the new European standard EN16350:2014.

She presented the details of a unique breakthrough technology that has been developed specifically for the latex industry – TUBALL™ LATEX – to the hundreds of manufacturers and technology specialists who had gathered at the conference. An innovative product with effective concentrations of only 0.03–0.05% of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT), TUBALL™ LATEX is able to provide latex with permanent and humidity-independent anti-static and ESD properties. TUBALL™ LATEX also preserves color brightness, enhances mechanical properties and allows the standard dipping process to remain unchanged.
TUBALL™ LATEX for latex gloves

Several follow-up questions concerning contemporary problems that the latex industry is facing today and about the ability of single wall carbon nanotubes to solve these issues were raised by the conference attendees. Ekaterina Gorbunova provided manufacturers with a deeper understanding of the latest trends in the additives market and described some of the growing number of successful applications of TUBALL™ LATEX in the latex industry.

Rubber Asia, Asia’s premier and largest selling rubber magazine with a readership spanning the major rubber-producing countries around the world, published a MARGMA special issue to coincide with the IRGCE conference. Complementary to the OSCiAl presentation at IRGCE, the magazine included a substantial article that was dedicated to this revolutionary product in the latex industry – TUBALL™ LATEX. Dr Ranjit Matthan, a world-renowned expert in latex processing technology, also gave an interview to the magazine and outlined the positive experience of nanotube applications in the rubber industry and the high potential prospects of using nanotube-based additives for the plethora of rubber products.


IRGCE, the conference and exhibition for rubber glove manufacturers, is organized biennially by the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA). Participation in IRGCE for the first time as an official member of MARGMA has enabled OCSiAl to strengthen its cooperation with glove manufactures and to provide them with an easy solution to comply with the new protection standard for electrostatic properties EN 16350:2014.

About OCSiAl

OCSiAl is one of the most experienced teams in the nanomaterials industry. OCSiAl offers unique opportunity to create one of those companies that really make the world a better place to live.

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Source: OCSiAl
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