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BactiBlock Showcased Antimicrobial Additives at CAMX Advanced & Composites Show

Published on 2023-01-09. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Bactiblock-antimicrobial-additives Bactiblock antimicrobial additives exhibited for the first time at the CAMX Advanced & Composites Show in Anaheim, California. The CAMX fair connects companies with very different applications with the same objective, to develop the materials of the future for their respective industries.

Adding Differential Value to Materials

Bactiblock antimicrobial additives can add differential value to many materials and applications represented at this fair. The population is increasingly aware of the problems that bacterial growth can cause in everyday products, with the protection of surfaces against bacteria being a highly demanded feature, even more so in the most innovative products.

On the other hand, the scientific community is continually publishing studies that highlight the importance of the challenges that might be faced in the coming years. To name a few, we could talk about the appearance of multi- resistant bacteria or, for example, no- cosomial or intra-hospital infections.

Bactiblock is today a tool to solve these challenges, among many others. It has been shown through different antimicrobial studies how the additive continues to be effective against bacteria that have generated resistance to other antibiotics. In addition, the protection of the surfaces of materials like resins, composites, rubbers, non-woven fabrics, etc., can be achieved by incorporating Bactiblock in different materials plays a crucial role in the fight against nosocomial infections.

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