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Baerlocher at NPE2018: Presents Lubricants & Stabilizers for Optimized PVC

Published on 2018-05-11. Author : SpecialChem

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Baerlocher is showcasing here at NPE2018 (booth S14189) its industry-leading capabilities for customizing additive blends to optimize polyvinyl chloride (PVC) applications.

Expertise in PVC Lubricants and Stabilizers


In particular, the company is spotlighting its unique one-packs featuring Baerolub® lubricants and Baeropan® stabilizers, plus other additives to address individual customer requirements. Baerlocher is also exhibiting its steadily expanding portfolio of single-component Baerolub lubricants for converters and compounders choosing to formulate in house.

Stabilization Technology

Additionally, the company has developed a next generation Baeropan stabilization technology for the wear layer of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that delivers crystal clarity and non-yellowing color without potentially hazardous chemicals such as barium. It also offers new Baeropan products for rigid core wood plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC), also for LVT.

“Because PVC formulations can be very complex, identifying the exact mix of additives for an application requires encyclopedic knowledge and extensive experience which Baerlocher provides through customized technologies and technical support that meet our customers’ highly specific needs,” said Gary Conroy, head of the North American Strategic Business Unit for Vinyl Additives, Baerlocher USA.

Reducing VOCs

“We also provide advice on formulating beyond additives supplied by Baerlocher to create a complete solution. Our team can handle large or small projects – from major downstream development to a slight formulation adjustment – to meet each customer’s goals, whether it’s changing to a non-hazardous chemistry, reducing scrap or reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These customization services and extensive expertise differentiate Baerlocher from other additive suppliers and support our mission to serve as a trusted advisor.

Customer Choice

Polyvinylchloride pipes application
Polyvinylchloride pipes

Baerolub and Baeropan additives deliver important benefits to rigid and semi-rigid PVC applications, such as profiles, siding, pipe and flooring. Baerolub internal lubricants lower PVC’s melt viscosity by reducing friction between molecular chains, resulting in easier processing. Baerolub external lubricants are also available to control fusion properties and enhance metal release. Baeropan technologies deliver long-term stability and durability to withstand weathering and heat aging.

Baerlocher offers customers a choice when using these additives: they can request custom one-packs or purchase off-the-shelf single-component grades. One-packs got their start in the 1960s when the company invented ready-made additive blends. Today, one-packs are made to order. Their composition is based on the application, resin, performance requirements, customer needs and other factors. One-packs take the guesswork out of additive blending, streamline materials handling and improve processing consistency.

Sustainable Stabilizers

One important application area for Baeropan additives is rigid LVT. Baerlocher recently developed a new stabilization chemistry for the wear layer that addresses the flooring industry’s safety and sustainability goals. This innovative technology is based on calcium and zinc instead of barium, which is potentially hazardous. It ensures crystal clarity and long-lasting, water-white color without yellowing for high-end vinyl tile.

Baerlocher’s formulation experts work closely with LVT manufacturers to develop customized solutions.

For instance, the company assisted the first U.S. manufacturer of rigid LVT by creating a novel stabilization technology for the new rigid core product. This custom stabilizer met the customer’s requirements for sustainability (no barium) and odor elimination (tin free). Baerlocher’s expertise and close collaboration enabled this start-up company to successfully enter the LVT market with a unique product that was the first of its kind fully produced in North America.

Source: Baerlocher
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