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Palsgaard at K 2016: To Launch Bio-based Functional Additives for Polymers

Published on 2016-08-12. Author : SpecialChem

At this year’s K2016 in Dusseldorf, Palsgaard will showcase Einar® – a new range of functional polymer additives that directly address some of the most pressing concerns for todays’ polymer business: How to produce safe, efficient and sustainable products with zero concerns over food contact.

Palsgaard has a long history of delivering functional additives for the polymer industry such as antistatic and antifogging solutions all based on vegetable oils. Now Palsgaard presents a new identity and name for all its functional additives – from now on, all Palsgaard polymer products will be branded under the Einar® brand.

Palsgaard to Launch Bio-based Functional Additives for Polymers at K 2016

Bio-based Additives – A Safer Alternative

  • Consumers are concerned about health aspects when polymer products are in direct contact with the food. But the solution already exists.
  • Produced entirely from vegetable oils, the Einar® series of functional additives and processing aids can eliminate concerns over food contact.
  • Einar® products are safe enough to eat and can help converters deliver safe and sustainable solutions for food packaging.

“We want to show what a dedicated research effort and strong market knowledge can do in terms of solving some of the issues facing the polymer business,” says Bjarne Nielsen, business development manager for polymer products at Palsgaard. “Our bio-based polymer additives deliver excellent performance. But most of all, they allow our customers to produce what the global consumer really wants: Safe, efficient and sustainable packaging materials with outstanding properties.”

Additives for Polyolefin Industry

The Einar® product range from Palsgaard comprises a series of products for the masterbatch and polyolefin industry such as antistatic and antifogging agents – all engineered entirely from vegetable oils. Both types of functional agents have been tested by an independent company and proven to deliver outstanding performance.

Vegetable-based Dispersing Agents for Polymers

However, the use of bio-based polymer additives reaches far beyond food-contact products. Two newly developed dispersing aids for masterbatch production, also based entirely on vegetable oils, have recently been introduced to the market: Einar® 101 and Einar® 102. Dispersing aids are used for distributing colour pigment in polymers, and independent tests have shown that Einar® 101 and 102 deliver superior performance when measured against industry-standard waxes. The result: increased colour strength and yield and less use of expensive colour pigment.

A Legacy of innovation

“Einar® was chosen as the brand name for our polymer additives as a tribute to the founder of Palsgaard, Einar Viggo Schou. It is his legacy of innovation and social responsibility we aim to invoke by naming all our functional agents after him,” says Palsgaard CEO Jakob Thoisen. “With the Einar® range, Palsgaard takes a decisive step in the polymer industry, where safe and sustainable functional agents are increasingly in demand.”

About Palsgaard

With nearly 100 years of experience and active in over 100 countries today, the name of Palsgaard has become synonymous with the manufacture and supply of emulsifiers and stabilizers to the global confectionery, dairy, ice cream, bakery, mayonnaise, margarine, meat and related food industries.

It has a thorough, international knowledge of the food sector as well as deep development and testing experience.
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Source: Palsgaard
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