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Brueggemann at K 2016: To Launch Heat Stabilizers & Impact Modifier for Polyamides

Published on 2016-08-09. Author : SpecialChem

Additives for Polyamide Compounds

HEILBRONN, Germany -- At K 2016, BrüggemannChemical will showcase its latest developments in the field of additives for polyamide compounders, producers of cast polyamides and the rubber industry. They are intended not only to extend the range of applications but also to contribute to greater cost efficiency during plastics conversion.

Latest Additives for Advanced Polyamides

  1. BRÜGGOLEN® TP-H1606 - A new non-discoloring copper complex based heat stabilizer for polyamides.
    • It is an improved alternative to phenolic-based stabilizer blends
    • It is a high performance antioxidant is a non-dusting blend
    • Improves long-term stabilization over a broad temperature range.
    • Extends the exposure time especially in the low to medium temperature range

  2. BRÜGGOLEN® TP-P1507 - A new flow enhancer
    • Improves the processability of glass filled polyamides while maintaining very good mechanical properties.
    • Offers advantages such as shorter cycle times, lower energy consumption, the possibility of more complex design geometries etc.

  3. BRÜGGOLEN® TP-P1401 - A new Nucleating Agent
    • Improves the mechanical properties
    • Enhances the surface appearance of reinforced polyamides

  4. BRÜGGOLEN® TP-M1417 brings about a controlled shortening of molecule chains of high-viscosity polyamide scrap, e.g. from fiber production. While retaining mechanical properties, this additive allows defined and reproducible adjustment of target viscosities and thus the upcycling into material for injection molding applications with flow properties and mechanical performance comparable to that of virgin material.

New Developments for AP-NYLON® Cast Polyamides

  1. BRÜGGOLEN® TP-C1608, a new heat stabilizer that raises the long-term service temperature of PA parts to 150° C as compared to the 120° C.
  2. BRÜGGOLEN® TP-C 1312 is a new impact modifier for the production of AP-NYLON® products containing 3 to 20% of elastomer.
  3. BRÜGGOLEN® C25 is a new retarding activator for AP-NYLON®. It slows down the polymerization process in a much more controlled manner than was previously possible and thus facilitates the production of parts with large dimensions and/or small wall thicknesses as well as the production of high-quality composites. Furthermore, it offers the possibility during product development of filling parts slowly in order to be able to optimize processes.

Rubber: New Activators and a Fully Equipped Technical Center

With a new generation of activators and its own fully equipped Technical Center, the Industrial Chemicals division of BrüggemannChemical presents itself as a highly competent partner for the rubber industry:

With the active zinc oxide (ZnO) PRO range, which is produced in a wet chemical process, BrüggemannChemical enables the direct substitution of conventional thermal zinc oxide. This product series combines the latest findings in the field of rubber formulation while simultaneously reducing costs and heavy metal content without having to make any compromises in terms of performance. ZnO Pro is suitable for the whole range of application of rubber products, from technical parts and consumer articles to tires.

With the opening of its new fully equipped Technical Center for determining the processing, vulcanizing and performance properties of elastomers, BrüggemannChemical is underlining its outstanding R&D competence as an additive manufacturer to the rubber industry. A key role here is played by the tailor-made, application-oriented optimization and synthesis of zinc-based activators for the crosslinkage of different rubber types, for in-house developments and on the customer's behalf.

About Brüggemann

Brüggemann is a renowned manufacturer of specialty chemicals with some 200 staff. Founded in 1868, the company, headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany, specializes in developing and manufacturing high performance additives for engineering thermoplastics with a focus on polyamides, as well as zinc derivatives and sulfur-based reducing agents. Customers from more than 60 countries have come to value the company's flexibility and innovative product solutions, while subsidiaries in the USA and Hong Kong emphasize its international outlook. The cornerstones of corporate policy are in-house research and development activities, a consistent focus on customer requirements, and major investment in know-how and plant.

Source: Brueggemann
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