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CAI Performance Additives Launches PP Compatibilizer with Low VOC Emissions

Published on 2021-12-20. Edited By : SpecialChem

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cai-performance-additive-pp-compatibilizer CAI Performance Additives announces a slate of new products which includes CAI-PP-30, a unique PP compatibilizing resin.

CAI-PP-30 is a high-performance maleic anhydride functionalized polypropylene produced by a proprietary reactive process which differs from traditional reactive extrusion.

Designed to Compatibilize Additives/Co-polymers in PP

It has been designed to compatibilize additives or co-polymers in polypropylene matrices while minimizing VOC emissions.

This additive polymer is efficient at allowing inorganic materials like glass fillers or metalized layers function within PP.

CEO Richard Marshall says, “In addition to the adhesion benefits, CAI-PP-30 brings low VOC to the compounds unlike some of the MAH grafting techniques you may already be familiar with. At CAI Performance Additives we aren’t looking to show you what you’ve already seen, we’re only bringing you the newest technologies that you need to get the edge on your competitors.

CAI-PP-30 is now available for distribution in the North American region.

Features include:
  • Improves polypropylene-to-metal adhesion
  • Excellent unnotched Izod and charpy impact performance in filled resin
  • Excellent notched Izod & charpy impact performance in filled resin
  • Improve tensile and flexural strength in filled compound
  • Less VOC compared to traditional MAH grafted modifiers

Source: CAI Performance Additives

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