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Cardolite Unveils Polyether Diol Derived from Cashew Nutshell Liquid

Published on 2021-04-27. Author : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Biobased Solutions    

CNSL1Cardolite has launched NX-9212 which is a new polyether diol derived from cashew nutshell liquid. NX-9212 is low in viscosity enabling low or zero VOC polyurethanes and ease of handling.

Features & Applications of NX-9212

The diol is also light in color (Gardner color <=5) suitable for formulating UV resistance systems. As experienced with other CNSL diols, NX-9212 demonstrated good compatibility with various polyurethane ingredients including other diols such as polybutadiene diol (up to 50% blends).

NX-9212 is recommended for use in prepolymer preparation with either aliphatic or aromatic isocyanates. Polyurethanes based on NX-9212 show excellent hydrolytic stability, low moisture sensitivity (hydrophobicity), and high elongation.

All these properties combined makes the new grade a great option for use in 1K polyurethanes, TPU, PUD, and other applications. This diol may also be formulated as co-binder in 2K polyurethanes.

Source: Cardolite
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