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Clariant Launches Anti-static Masterbatches for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Published on 2017-10-25. Author : SpecialChem

Clariant has invited participants at the world's leading pharmaceutical exhibition to meet product experts and to learn more about solutions for the pharmaceutical industry in Booth 42L20, in the Inno Pack area of CPhI Worldwide 2017.

Clariant's Healthcare Polymer Solutions group is featuring new solutions for controlling moisture in pharmaceutical packaging, while Clariant Masterbatches is introducing important new anti-static masterbatches for pharmaceutical films.

MEVOPUR PEAM 176045 - Anti-static Masterbatch Concentrate


  • Clariant Masterbatches is introducing a new amide/amine-free anti-static masterbatch concentrate, MEVOPUR PEAM 176045, for polyethylene films used in pharmaceutical applications. 
  • The new anti-stat is important and timely due to coming regulatory changes, specifically the need to comply with the new USP regulation by 2020.
  • The rule will limit the acceptability of many of the currently used films that rely on 'food-grade' amide- and amine-based anti-stats. 
  • At that time, USP will require plastics used in pharma manufacturing, including anti-static films, to comply with the same standards as plastics packaging used for finished pharmaceuticals. 
  • The new PEAM 176045 additive masterbatch concentrate is part of MEVOPUR brand of 'Controlled, Consistent and Compliant' products for plastics applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Protect Healthcare Products from Humidity and Oxygen

The Clariant Healthcare Packaging business line manufactures controlled atmosphere packaging materials that help to protect healthcare products from humidity and oxygen. At CPhI Worldwide Frankfurt, the company is announcing expansion of its Equilibrium stabilizer products line, which maintains a specific, equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) range in drug products or ingredients.

The company is announcing an expanded line of EQ-Pak® packets, which join other solutions including EQ-CAN® canisters, EQ-Stopper® caps, and the EQ-Bag™ for bulk packages containing empty capsules, powders, or other moisture-sensitive product ingredients.

Moisture-sensitive Pharmaceuticals

Experts in Clariant Healthcare Packaging are also on hand to discuss recently published article that demonstrates how plastic containers, combined with desiccants, can actually provide a longer shelf life for many moisture-sensitive pharmaceuticals than cold-form, foil-foil blister packages.

Longer Shelf Life

"While cold-form, foil-foil (aluminum-aluminum) blister packaging is considered the most moisture-protective packaging available, in fact, plastic containers such as bottles and tubes, when combined with desiccants, such as silica gel canisters and packets, will often provide lower internal relative humidity for long time periods.," says Valère Logel, innovation manager at Clariant. "Because the water activity of the desiccant is generally lower than that of the drug product, the desiccant will actually draw moisture away from the solid-dosage form and preserve it even longer. This is a unique benefit of using desiccants that cannot be matched, even using impermeable foil-foil blisters."

By understanding customer needs and expectations, Clariant is able to offer comprehensive and viable solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the environmental compatibility of products.

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Source: Clariant
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