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LANXESS & OCSiAl at K 2016: To Display CNT-based Conductive Additives

Published on 2016-10-14. Author : SpecialChem

LANXESS and OCSiAl will jointly display TUBALL™-based Rhenofit® CNT at K 2016, at booth C06 in hall 7-2. Rhenofit® CNT-3 was designed for reinforcing latex rubbers, to create homogenous mixed rubber compounds with electrical and thermal conductivity.

TUBALL™ - Applications

TUBALL™- Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

LANXESS and OCSiAl have officially entered into a collaboration that will result in production and marketing of an expanded line of TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotube-based conductive additives for applications in various industries. These innovative and easy-to-use products are providing electrical surface and volume conductivity to a range of materials, such as waterborne coatings, batteries and other materials that are compatible with waterborne suspensions, without compromising other key properties.

The long-term collaboration between LANXESS, a specialty chemicals company, and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of single wall carbon nanotubes OCSiAl has been evolving into a very close partnership. It is based on the development of innovative technologies that will provide manufacturers with easy-to-use additives to achieve the desired conductivity levels in a variety of materials without compromising other key properties.

TUBALL™ Features:

  • High single wall carbon nanotube content in the material "as-produced" (>75%);
  • Extremely low amount of amorphous carbon (<1%);
  • Encapsulation of virtually all inorganic (Fe) impurities;
  • 50 times lower cost compared to analogues.

Rhenofit® CNT-3, CNT-4 and CNT-5 comprise a line of waterborne suspensions based on TUBALL™ that are already being produced by LANXESS on an industrial scale. Rhenofit® CNT-3 was designed for the use in combination with different latex rubbers, to create homogenous mixed rubber compounds with electrical and thermal conductivity.

Rhenofit® CNT-4 has been designed to allow nanotubes to be easily incorporated into electrodes for lithium-ion batteries, reinforcing the electrode structure and improving its mechanical stability during cycling, and thus doubling the cycle life of the battery. Rhenofit® CNT-5, and also Rhenofit® CNT-3, are easy-to-use single wall carbon nanotube suspensions that provide permanent antistatic properties to paints and coatings with minimal impact on their color or mechanical properties.

LANXESS and OCSiAl are planning to continue further close cooperation in developing TUBALL™-based technologies and products that provide exceptional properties.


LANXESS is among leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 7.9 billion in 2015 and about 16,700 employees in 29 countries. The company is currently represented at 55 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, specialty chemicals and plastics. Through ARLANXEO, the joint venture with Saudi Aramco, LANXESS is also a supplier of synthetic rubber.

About OCSiAl

OCSiAl was the first company to develop breakthrough technology for the production of single wall carbon nanotubes, enabling large-scale commercial use for the first time. In 2014 it entered the nanomaterials market with the universal additive TUBALL™, which contains 75% of single wall carbon nanotubes.

OCSiAl is developing technologies based on nanotubes for a range of applications including lithium-ion batteries, elastomers, transparent conductive films, composite materials and others. In 2016 it launched a unique technology – the super concentrate TUBALL™ MATRIX. OCSiAl has regional offices in the USA, Luxembourg, Russia, Korea, China, Hong Kong and India.
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