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Dow’s Impact Modifier for Multi-material Golf Ball Cover Construction

Published on 2021-01-28. Author : SpecialChem

callaway-soft-bll-Dow-modifier Dow has combined its materials science expertise with Callaway Golf Company to deliver next generation golf balls formulated with a PARALOID™ impact modifier from Dow.

Versatile Additive for Many Application

Dow’s portfolio of PARALOID™ Additives enables the formulation of specialty high-performance compounds and composites and offers excellent compatibility with other resins when mixed by various melt processing techniques. In addition to durable goods such as sporting equipment, PARALOID™ Additives strengthen and toughen a broad range of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer systems for building products, automotive, and electronics applications with properties that are critical to withstand the most challenging conditions.

The newly released ERC soft and supersoft golf balls from Callaway Golf feature a hybrid cover infused with a PARALOID™ additive and a proprietary blend of SURLYN™ Ionomers from Dow. This dynamic, multi-material composition of the golf ball shell and core promotes key player benefits, including long distance, exceptional spin, softer feel and short game control.

The new offerings from Callaway exemplify the strength and versatility provided by PARALOID™ impact modifiers,” said Khalid Ali, global marketing director, Dow Plastics Additives. “We are also excited to see our PARALOID™ brand featured so prominently by Callaway in the new golf ball packaging; it’s a true testament to the value Dow’s unique technologies bring to the market.”

Hybrid Cover for Supersoft Golf Balls

This new Hybrid Cover with a PARALOID™ impact modifier from Dow creates a high-performance, multi-material golf ball construction,” said Callaway global golf ball director, Jason Finley. “In our ERC Soft and Supersoft Golf Balls, this innovative cover promotes high launch and low spin characteristics for long distance, great feel, durability and outstanding control to help benefit a wide range of players. And thanks to PARALOID™, we are able to deliver all of this with exceptional ball speed and spin performance.

The Dow and Callaway teams bring together unmatched R&D expertise and a profound understanding of the game and those who play it to create the latest innovation in golf ball technology,” said Ian Drake, global technical director, Dow Plastics Additives. “New and bold collaborations such as this are key to advancing science, as well as the adoption of innovative technologies that can better the world of sports and beyond.”

Source: Dow
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