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Dow Launches Low Volatile Silicone Surfactants for PU Foam Formulations

Published on 2020-10-16. Author : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Innovation in Flame Retardants    

Car-seatDow has introduced the next generation of low cyclics, low volatile silicone VORASURF™ Surfactants.

The New VORASURF™ Surfactant Series Includes:

  • VORASURF™ DC 5951LV Additive: an innovation primarily aimed at EO-rich polyol-based MDI/TDI systems and low- to medium-density conventional foams, including those based on auxiliary blowing agents
  • VORASURF™ FF 5959 Additive: a new-generation surfactant offering finer control over cell size and foam recovery properties in flexible foam applications
  • VORASURF™ DC 5906LV, VORASURF™ DC 5950LV, VORASURF™ DC 198LV Additives: low cyclics, low volatile grades of globally recognized industry standards for bedding & furniture, including medium-high density conventional foams, MDI viscoelastic foams, and applications requiring excellent flame retardancy

This new series of novel VORASURF™ Surfactants is a testament to Dow’s commitment to bringing high quality, profitable polyurethane surfactant technology to the foam industry that address both the latest market trends and technical requirements,” said Justin Weare, North America marketing manager for polyurethane additives at Dow.

Empowering Formulators with Control Over Physical Properties of Foam

VORASURF™ Polyurethane Surfactants empower formulators with an enhanced level of control over the physical properties of their foam, helping them meet the latest specifications on volatile content and emissions required by leading brand owners such as IOS-MAT-0010. These new-generation additives also allow formulators to easily comply with demanding regulatory and sustainability requirements around the world, helping ensure safe and compliant furniture products.

Dr. Sachit Goyal, Dow’s technical service and development specialist, will present the specifics of these new options and showcase their performance attributes in flexible polyurethane foam applications in a webinar on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

Source: Dow Chemical
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