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Emerald Kalama Chemical Launches Low-hydroxyl, Dibenzoate Modifiers for PUs

Published on 2019-12-02. Author : SpecialChem

Polyurethane Modifier

Emerald Kalama Chemical has introduced a new line of modifiers designed to provide excellent permanence, modulus and abrasion resistance in polyurethanes.

Features & Applications of MODULAST™ Modifiers

MODULAST™ modifiers include innovative offerings with very low hydroxyl levels and desirable EH&S profiles, including no GHS labeling requirements in North America and Europe.

The new products outperform other dibenzoates, delivering exceptional performance characteristics to applications such as thermoplastic footwear components and accessories, cast molded polyurethanes, dispersions/pastes and two-component adhesive systems.

MODULAST modifiers yield products that are very “tough, but soft,” according to Julie Vaughn Biege, business development director. They significantly enhance tensile strength and can be utilized at higher loadings to provide softer modulus relative to other dibenzoates, with equivalent abrasion resistance.

They allow for the production of softer TPU without the stickiness associated with the use of higher-molecular-weight polyols.

Biege said, “The modifiers improve a number of characteristics that are associated with high quality in polyurethane applications. We saw a need for solutions that can maximize performance, economy, safety and processability in products based on urethanes.

For example, if you think about the sole of an athletic shoe, you want a product that is elastic and flexible, but also very strong, with good rebound and compression. This translates to comfort and performance for the user. MODULAST modifiers provide those properties. Their low and tightly controlled hydroxyl level also translates to low odor and good color in the finished product, combined with predictable and greater ease of processing,” said Biege.

In addition to excellent performance characteristics, MODULAST modifiers are highly compatible in polyurethanes, resulting in little to no exudation even at high loadings. The end product has a longer life, and manufacturers may be able to offset higher polymer costs by increasing the amount of modifier in the product.

Extending the Range of Benzoate Chemistries

With the introduction of MODULAST modifiers, Emerald has entered a new market and extended the range of benzoate chemistries in its portfolio.

Scott Neuheardt, vice president and general manager, explained, “Emerald’s business development team concentrates on entering new market segments where we can provide enhanced value over the incumbent offerings. This is a fundamental part of our growth pipeline. Our team identifies areas in which customers have critical needs related to performance or regulatory drivers, where the innovation of new materials is viewed as an enabling piece of the solution.

Source: Emerald Kalama Chemical
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