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Global EPDM Market to Grow by 6.67% During 2015-2019: Technavio

Published on 2015-07-08. Author : SpecialChem

Technavio, the independent tech-focused global research firm, has published a report on the global EPDM market 2015-2019, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.67% during the forecast period of 2014-2019.

Market growth is facilitated by the increasing demand from the automotive sector. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is extensively used in the automotive sector to manufacture various components and parts. Recent boom in the construction and housing sector also propel the demand for EPDM, which in-turn facilitates market growth during the forecast period.

Technavio Publishes a Report on Global EPDM Market
Fig. 1: Technavio Publishes a Report
on Global EPDM Market

“Conventionally, EPDM is produced using petroleum-based raw materials such as ethylene and propylene, but with the help of feedstock such as sugarcane, EPDM can be manufactured in an eco-friendly process,” says Faisal Ghaus, Vice President of Technavio.

“Manufacturers are setting up bio-based EPDM production plants because of environmental concerns. Brazilian automotive suppliers are using bio-based EPDM rubbers from Lanxess in window rubber seals.”

Key Market Drivers:
  • Growth in Automotive Sector.
  • Use of EPDM in Roofing Systems.
  • Growth in Building and Construction Sector.
  • Increase in Demand for Modified Elastomers.
Key Market Trends:
  • Increased Production of Bio-based EPDM.
  • Growth in Plastic Modification Applications.
  • Investments in Capacity Additions.
Key Market Vendors:
  • Dow Chemical Co.
  • Exxon Mobil Corp.
  • Lanxess AG
  • Lion Elastomers LLC
  • Mitsui Chemicals

To define the market circumstances in the next 3-4 years, Technavio analysts have conducted in-depth analysis of the impact of market drivers, challenges and trends featuring data on product segmentations, vendor shares, growth rate by revenue and an evaluation of the different buying criteria in the order of importance.

About Technavio

Technavio is one of the leading technology research and advisory companies with a global coverage. It focuses on emerging technology trends that can shape the market. It identifies and explains these trends to our customers to help them make better decisions.

Technavio models the trends using a mix of quantitative and qualitative tools in its proprietary research methodologies. It builds forecasts across market segments and geographies based on the trends identified. These forecasts and analysis are used to help our customers identify new and existing opportunities in their markets. Technavio also help customers assess their competitive position in a changing market scenario.

Decision makers and influencers in sales & marketing, strategy, product and R&D teams rely on research from Technavio. We have a large and growing base of happy customers worldwide. Its customers include technology suppliers, end users, consulting companies, investment firms and research institutes.

Technavio was founded in 2003 in London. It has about 200 analysts globally and covers more than 500 technologies across 80 countries. Analysts are closely monitoring the market every day by talking to all the industry participants. It has proprietary databases that provide a complete perspective of the market. Technavio develops over 2000 pieces of research deliverables every year.

Source: Technavio

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