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Perstorp Widens Horizon for Capa™ Polyols to be Used in Bioplastics with New Investments

Published on 2015-03-02. Author : SpecialChem

This year is the 40th anniversary of Capa™, the multi-talented range of caprolactone monomer, aliphatic polyester polyols and thermoplastics from Perstorp. The Sweden-based one of the global supplier of specialty chemicals continues to innovate with Capa™, to bring ground-breaking high-end performance to products and processes in adhesives, biopolymers, coatings, elastomers, and resins used in a wide range of applications.

Since the introduction of Capa™ in 1975, Perstorp has built up an unmatched combination of knowledge and expertise, as well as a market-leading production and testing infrastructure. Capa™ helps Perstorp customers create materials with enhanced properties, such as wear resistance, lower VOC, UV resistance, gloss, adhesion and low temperature flexibility. Perstorp is now strengthening its focus on delivering custom solutions that address industry trends, facilitate innovation and differentiation through measurable benefits.

“With Capa™, we strive to be at the forefront of the development of innovative high performance solutions for formulators across diverse polyurethanes sectors and in plastics,” says Stephen Lewis, BU Vice President for Perstorp’s Capa™ business. “It boils down to three things: Consistent innovation in our technologies, delivering clear benefits throughout the value chain; Customer focus, with superior service support and providing security of supply; and finally Care, with our focus on quality and sustainability.”

New Capa™ innovations add to sustainability
Perstorp is now launching the Capa™ Lactides series of very high performance polyols. Properties of these copolymers of caprolactone and lactides can be tailored for specific applications. Perstorp sees major opportunities for these new grades, which enable a good balance between soft feel and a range of mechanical properties in coatings. These liquid grades eliminate solvent use and add long-lasting properties to adhesives and elastomers too. Lactides are based on lactic acid derived from renewable resources, so the new polyols have beneficial carbon footprints as well.

Increasing the potential of bio plastics
Perstorp is stepping up its investment into the fast-growing bio plastics market. Capa™ Thermoplastics are already playing a vital role in enhancing biopolymer performance and biodegradability across a range of bio plastic applications. Compounding equipment is currently being installed in a new advanced laboratory. This investment is critical to support Perstorp customers in their development work in this innovative market. Capa™ Thermoplastics add significant value to the performance of biopolymers such as PLA, PHA and starch, in short-life and long-life applications. Today, Perstorp is focusing on key bio plastic growth areas, in paper coatings, bags & films, and packaging, but with its new investments, the company is ensuring that it has the infrastructure in place to meet the challenges of new emerging applications.

About Perstorp
It is one of the World leaders in various sectors of the specialty chemicals market, pioneers in formalin chemistry, plastics and surface materials. Perstorp was founded in 1881, over 130 years of winning formulas Controlled by PAI partners, a major European private equity company. The company has sales of over SEK 10 billion in 2012 and has around 1,500 employees in 22 countries with production plants in Europe, Asia and North America and sales office in all major markets.

Source: Perstorp

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