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INOVYN Launches Bio-attributed Epichlorohydrin for Composites

Published on 2021-12-20. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Sustainability / Natural Solutions    

inovyn-bio-attributed-epichlorohydrin INOVYN launches its latest product featuring enhanced sustainability credentials under the brand name REODRIN™, becoming the commercial producer of bio-attributed epichlorohydrin from renewable feedstock.

Manufactured at Tavaux, France, REODRIN™ is made using a second-generation, renewable feedstock that eliminates the use of energy crops and palm materials from the supply chain, therefore using 99 percent less land and water than conventional feedstocks.

Applications in Numerous Sectors

REODRIN™ is expected to have numerous value-added applications across a range of industry sectors, including highly specialised end-uses such as composites for wind turbines, wastewater treatment and lightweight coatings for electric vehicles.

Furthermore, REODRIN™ is certified by RSB as enabling a greenhouse gas saving of almost 70 percent compared to fossil-based/palm-based epichlorohydrin.

Through our ongoing new product development strategy we are bringing new sustainable products to market that meet both the rigorous product quality and performance needs of our customers, whilst moving us closer towards a more circular, carbon-neutral economy,” comments Filipe Constant, business director INOVYN.

Driven by the increasing global focus on a low carbon economy, there is growing demand for a specialist, renewable epichlorohydrin that decouples its production from the use of conventional carbon-intensive feedstocks. REODRIN™ meets that demand. “REODRIN™ demonstrates that we can produce epichlorohydrin with a non-fossil, circular feedstock. A drop-in solution with the same uncompromising quality and performance," added Filipe.

REODRIN™ is a further example of INOVYN’s ongoing commitment to accelerate progress towards a circular, carbon-neutral economy. It is also another major step forward in INOVYN’s journey to sustainability and demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative solutions that address society’s needs,” concludes Filipe.

Source: INOVYN

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