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Dow Corning to Display Masterbatch for Low COF in FFS Packaging

Published on 2017-05-15. Author : SpecialChem

Dow Corning, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company and a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, will showcase at the upcoming Applied Market Information (AMI) Multilayer Packaging Films Conference its recently launched Dow Corning® MB25-035 Masterbatch.

FDA-compliant Product for LDPE


This leading-edge masterbatch technology is designed to reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) in high-speed form-fill-seal (FFS) packaging operations to optimize productivity and avoid costly interruptions. The new FDA-compliant product – developed for use with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) blown film – will be the topic of a technical presentation by Dow Corning Senior Thermoplastic Specialist, Ted Hays, on Tuesday, June 27 at 1:40 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT), and will be featured in the Dow Corning booth (#14) along with the company’s complete line of advanced silicone-based additives for film processing and conversion.

Dow Corning® MB25 035 Masterbatch

  • Ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in low density polyethylene. 
  • Acts as a slip agent,
  • Its features include low dynamic CoF at low loadings,
  • Longer lasting slip performance than organics with thermal ageing, 
  • Non-migrating across film layers, easy dosing, 
  • Reduced friction to enable higher throughput and productivity in (FFS) packaging, 
  • Delivers long-lasting stability to maintain slip performance during delays between film extrusion and FFS operations, 
  • Avoids quality issues by preventing migration of slip additive between film layers or into package contents, 
  • Optimizes processing with smooth dosing and homogeneous dispersion, 
  • Controls costs with lower loadings and use in only the outer layer of multi-layer film, Prevent die build-up or gel deposition during extrusion. 
  • Dow Corning® MB25-035 Masterbatch is compatible with polyethylene. It has a shelf life of 48 months. 
  • The product is U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union (EU) 10-2011 food contact compliant. Recommended dosage is 2-5 % by weight.

Replacing Standard COF Additives

Dow Corning® MB25-035 Masterbatch solves key drawbacks of organic slip additives that can affect the entire FFS packaging process – from inaccurate dosing to die build-up, and from rapid dissipation to negative impact on downstream operations,” said Christophe Paulo, global segment leader, Plastics Solutions, Dow Corning. “By replacing standard COF additives with this high-end technology, our packaging customers can achieve excellent slip performance over time while raising productivity and controlling costs. This new addition to our broad and expanding portfolio of high-value silicone additives offers a better option versus competitive products for film producers and converters, and brand owners that use multi-layer packaging films.”

Superior Alternative to Organic Additives

Dow Corning MB25-035 Masterbatch for LDPE blown film offers a superior alternative to organic additives, whose slip performance is known to degrade over time and at elevated temperatures. The product need only be incorporated into the outside layer of the film, unlike organics that are used in all layers. This saves money and prevents migration into package contents.

Additionally, it prevents die build-up and gel deposition that can cause production interruptions and impact quality. Hays will speak on this innovation in his technical presentation titled, “Next Generation Slip Additives for Low COF PE Films,” where he will discuss in detail next-generation silicone-based additives for film that deliver longer-lasting, cost-effective slip performance than has been achieved to date. These additives also minimize impact on physical properties and haze.

Comprehensive Additive Portfolio

Dow Corning’s broad portfolio of silicone additives for film applications to be displayed at the AMI conference also includes Dow Corning® MB50-801 Masterbatch for polypropylene (PP) and Dow Corning® MB50-802 Masterbatch for LDPE. Both are pelletized formulations containing 50 wt% of an ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in the base resin to impart benefits such as processing improvements and modification of surface characteristics. Dow Corning MB50-801 Masterbatch improves dispersion and enhances scratch performance, while Dow Corning MB50-802 Masterbatch can reduce die build-up.

The AMI Multilayer Packaging Films Conference will be held in Chicago, IL. from June 27-28 2017. Dow Corning technical experts will be on hand for the duration of the conference to answer questions and discuss the company’s portfolio of silicone additives for film applications.

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Source: Dow Corning
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