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Astropol at K 2016: To Exhibit Color Masterbatches for PVC Processing

Published on 2016-10-07. Author : SpecialChem

Astropol and Colourpol have announced to showcase masterbatches– PVC based in the case of Astropol, and more diverse polymers in the case of Colourpol – to a wider audience. Astropol masterbatches reduce scrap rates and improve production efficiency.

Astropol's PVC Carrier-based Masterbatches for PVC Processing

K2016 is the major highlight exhibition featuring the interests of the plastic and plastic associate industries worldwide. To be held this October (19th -25th), it provides an important forum for companies to introduce new products and exchange information on new techniques in materials and machinery – both in theory and in practice! Also it is a ‘must-be-at event’ to engage with clients and parties interested in plastics from around the world.
Masterbatches for Plastics Industry

There are three masterbatch product formats available:

  • Astrobatch- Flexible applications
  • Astromicro - PVCu extrusions
  • Astroblend- Powder pigments for direct addition

Masterbatch Benefits:

  • PVC compatible
  • Reduce scrap rates 
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Adhesion problems eliminated 

Not only will Astropol be in Germany this October exhibiting at the show, but the new division of Colourpol will also be present. Both divisions have chosen to attend this high profile event with the BPF in order to extend their opportunities to introduce their bespoke masterbatches – PVC based in the case of Astropol, and more diverse polymers in the case of Colourpol – to a wider audience. Managing Director Chris Wright says, “Our attendance at K2016 is yet another positive investment in our future. I am really looking forward to establishing what extra business we can create for our growing companies. Our masterbatches are proving to be products that clients want. The aim is to offer them to a wider audience through our presence at K2016.”

About Astropol

Astropol specializes in color and additive solutions for the PVC and associated additive industries.

Accurate color, toners and additives are delivered principally using a PVC masterbatch carrier system. The masterbatches are supplied in pellet and powder formats for the extrusion, molding and coating processes.

About Colourpol

Colourpol specializes in the manufacture of high performance color and additive masterbatches for the plastics industry.

Our industry specialists have amassed decades of experience in creating color critical solutions to the most stringent requirements of injection molding, blow molding and extrusion processes.
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Source: Astropol
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