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Milliken’s New Viscosity Modifier Enhances Melt Flow Rate of rPP

Published on 2022-11-21. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Milliken-new-viscosity-modifier Milliken & Company, used K 2022 trade fair to introduce the latest DeltaFlow™ viscosity modifier for recycled polypropylene (rPP), based on latest viscosity-modification chemistry. At the K Show the company showcased our broad portfolio of plastic additives and colorants, with a special attention to new grades of DeltaFlow™.

All the viscosity modifiers are solid concentrates designed to specifically help polypropylene (PP) recyclers by increasing the melt flow rate of rPP for injection molding processes. This serves to reduce energy use, enhance circularity and advance our goal of creating a healthier future.

Technology with Lower VOCs & Improved Organoleptics

The newly developed DeltaFlow™ grades use the latest viscosity-modification chemistry. The technology also has lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and improved organoleptics and could nicely complement the advances being made in recycling machinery, according to Allan Randall, global product line manager. As communicated earlier this year, the commitment to the recycling industry, Milliken is further expanding production capacity in our German manufacturing plant by 60 percent.

Recycled polypropylene – encompassing recyclers, compounders, converters, and brand owners – is the key target market for this product. DeltaFlow™-optimized resins allow for lower processing temperatures, which can enable converters to significantly reduce processing temperatures, reduce energy use, boost productivity, and improve processability. Brand owners stand to benefit, as well. DeltaFlow™ enables rPP to feasibly replace virgin resin in many end-use applications. This allows brands to use more rPP in their products, thereby helping them to meet their sustainability goals.

Demand in the market for recycled content is only increasing,” noted Randall. “These products enhance the properties of rPP and make it more suitable for more applications, thereby helping to close the loop in more end uses. Our goal is to enable more and better utilization of rPP. This product line helps to deliver on that promise.” Milliken is the only company offering this latest viscosity-modification chemistry in an easy-to-handle, non-dusting, solid concentrate form for the recycling market. “Our initial focus will be on Europe, but we intend to offer these DeltaFlow™ options globally”.

Source: Milliken

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